One of the things I’ve talked about with our boys is what it takes to become a successful adult.

Now ‘successful’ is a pretty subjective term…but I think that if you’re happy personally and professionally, that is a good start.

With that as the basic goal, here are a few ‘rules’ the boys & I came up with:


Rule #1 – Be Nice 

While this may be the most obvious of the Golden Rules – it’s also the one that probably gets overlooked the most.


Zig Ziglar is fond of saying ‘help enough people get what they want and in turn you’ll get what you want.‘


Pretty tough logic to argue with.

The more emphasis you place on helping your clients achieve what they want and have a better experience – the better your business will become.

The more you help the people in your network and in your community, the faster your business will grow.

It sounds simple – but sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful ones.

And beyond simple business building – have you ever met someone that was consistently nice that wasn’t happy?

I’m pretty sure I haven’t.


Rule #2 – Be Early 

Being early allows you to prepare.

To set yourself up for success.

No stress, no rushing.

But maybe even more importantly – it shows a respect for others’ time.


By being late you’re basically saying ‘my time is more valuable than yours.’


Probably not the best way to start or strengthen a relationship.

And have you ever noticed that people who are perpetually late are also the ones that are the least organized, the ones always putting out fires and the ones that are the least likely to take responsibility?

If you want to lay the foundation for success – be early.

Get things done early.

Again – very simple, but very powerful.


Rule #3 – Pay Attention 

If you’re in a conversation, listen intently instead of just waiting to talk.

If you’re working on something – don’t multi-task and lose focus.


Another way of saying it…‘be in the moment.’


Be attentive to details.

Ignoring the little problems lead to big problems.

But Paying Attention also means being aware.

Being aware of the opportunities around you.

Most people go through life ignoring 95% of the opportunities available to them, but if you’re paying attention you won’t.


Rule #4 – Do Your Best 

That’s all you can ask.

If you do your best time after time you’ll undoubtedly be a top achiever because so very few do.


Not perfection – just your best effort.


Think about it.

Did you give your best effort leading your business today?

Did you put everything you had into running every session you delivered?

Did you give each person you interacted with the very best you could?

It’s a really tough standard.

Not one that anyone is going to meet every time.

But it’s certainly worth striving for because the more of your actions that you can define as ‘best efforts’, the faster you’ll reach all of your goals.


Rule #5 – Dream Big 

This may very well be my favorite of the 5.

As kids we all Dream Big…but somewhere along the way most people lose that vision.

They start settling.

Instead of the career they want – they settle for something more easily attained.

Instead of going the places they want to go or doing the things they want to do – they settle for watching a little more TV because it’s cheaper and easier.


Start thinking a little more like a child and instead of believing ‘I could never do that…’ start saying ‘Why not me?’


There’s someone out there doing all the things that you dream about doing – so why shouldn’t it be you?

There you have it – our 5 Golden Rules.


Pretty simple stuff, but maybe that’s the secret.


We get in trouble when we start overcomplicating things.

If you want people to be nice to you, be nice to them.

If you want to be successful, do your best.

Stuff like that might not be ‘sexy’ or seem complicated enough to be effective – but I’d be willing to bet that anyone that adhered to these 5 Rules would be much, much more successful in anything they pursued.


By Pat Rigsby

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