Selling personal training, group training, youth fitness programs, or even health club memberships… that is the foundation of your business.


No sale means no client or member. 


But most fitness pros I know hate selling, but that’s only because they’re not comfortable with it yet. Here are three tips to change that and make closing sales much, much easier.


Fitness Sales Key #1 – Everything Leads To A Sale

Sometimes I have to remind the fitness pros we work with that while sending press releases, getting on TV, making blog posts, writing articles, and creating products are great…they’re all just a means to lead to you selling something.


See, sometimes we have to keep our eyes on the prize.


Let’s say you don’t have enough clients. What are you going to do? Are you the type of person that will simply wait around for something to happen…or are you the person that will go out and make it happen?

When Holly and I were living in a basement while we were getting our training business and health club ramped up, I was laser focused on selling training. I didn’t leave the gym without getting two new clients. It meant some late nights, but like they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Even before that, when I was first running a training department in a local gym, the company had a bonus of $250 if you sold 12 deals in a pay period. My goal every pay period was 36 deals, and I considered that $750 part of my regular income.


I knew I needed 3 deals a day to make it happen and was relentless on getting those three.


So, you can keep doing all those other things… blogging, sending press releases, writing articles, etc. But don’t lose sight of the fact that selling is what pays the bills.


Fitness Sales Key #2 – Proper Framing Leads To Bigger Sales

Want an easy way to sell bigger deals? It’s two simple steps, but I’m not sure you’ll believe me if I tell you.

Step 1: Offer no more than 3 potential options to a prospect… something like this:

  • 1 Session Per Week
  • 2 Sessions Per Week
  • 3 Sessions Per Week

It could be 2, 3 and 4, or it could be 3, 4 and 5. It makes no difference really. You know what you’re currently selling. Just reduce it to 3 options.

Step 2: If your most popular program is 2 sessions per week but you want to sell more 3 session per week packages, add a package bigger than that to your price sheet.

If you already have:

  • 1 Session Per Week
  • 2 Sessions Per Week
  • 3 Sessions Per Week

Then switch to offering:

  • 2 Sessions Per Week
  • 3 Sessions Per Week
  • 4 Sessions Per Week

You’ll immediately sell more 3 session per week programs. It’s all simple psychology.


Too many choices have been proven to cause indecision, and high priced offerings make offerings priced lower seem more reasonable.


There you have it, two easy steps to more sales, bigger packages, and more programs sold.


Fitness Sales Key #3 – Sell Something

Get small commitments first. There was a time in my personal training career that I’d average three closed sales a day. Unfortunately many trainers don’t do 3 a month.


The trick was to close the ones that weren’t ready to commit to bigger programs on something smaller.


If I was doing a speaking engagement, I’d close the attendees on something small. Get a ‘yes’ first. Once someone has invested a little with you, it’s much, much easier to get them to invest more… but only if you deliver great service during that initial purchase.


So if you’re having trouble getting people to enroll in “big ticket” programs, get them to at least invest in something small first.


Then after you’ve built a little more rapport and have delivered great service and value, present your bigger offerings.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little resistance you get then.

This should help you get a little more confident and comfortable with sales.


By Pat Rigsby

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