I believe that it’s best if you take an ‘Interval Approach to Marketing’ (yes, I made that phrase up a while back).

You sprint for a few weeks – then you go at a more manageable pace for a while.

So what’s that more manageable pace look like?

For me it would center around 2 things…

Relationship Marketing

Email List Building

For Relationship Marketing I’d be doing a few referral things…

  • A Charity workout one month and a Bring-A-Friend week the next.
  • Using the Ask-For-Advice approach to relationship marketing once a week or so.
  • Rewarding referrals that clients sent my way.
  • Informally networking or connecting.

If one of those felt like it was getting stale, I’d replace it with something else that allowed me to build relationships with new people and introduce them to what I do.

For Email List Building I’d be doing a few things as well…

  • I’d come up with a couple cool opt in gifts…probably one more video based and one that was a PDF download.
  • I’d run Facebook Ads to one or both.
  • I’d share them through social media.
  • I’d post them on my site.
  • I’d find ways to get my clients to share it with their friends.
  • If I did local advertising, it would be to drive people to those opt ins.
  • I’d find other businesses to JV with and ask them to share one of those gifts with their customers.

I’d set a weekly goal or two for Relationship Marketing – like how many people I could add to my list of connections and how many people I could get to experience what I offer.

And I’d set a weekly goal for new opt ins.

For me these two would go on for 52 weeks a year. Some weeks would be more and others would be less.

But my business would always be moving forward.

And when I was in a sprint…now I’d have a bunch of new people to market to because of my efforts during those slower times.

So if you’re not sure what you should be doing when you’re not marketing a Challenge or if you are just looking for a base to build on when it comes to your marketing plan, I’d start here.

By Pat Rigsby

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