You can build YOUR ideal fitness business.

You can work with the people you want to work with, have the schedule you want to have, create the income you want to make, have the lifestyle you want, spend time away from your business with your family and friends all while making the difference you want to make based on your values and beliefs.

There may be people telling you it’s not possible. I know it is. Since I started I have been working with thousands of fitness professionals like yourself to do just that, build their ideal fitness business.

If you are here then you are already in the top 10% of fitness entrepreneurs out there. This is a page with links to my top ideal fitness business building posts with some of my best information to get you started. My passion is showing you, fitness entrepreneurs, how to create YOUR ideal business, not mine.

So let’s get started…

First, get a clear understanding of what an ideal business is and isn’t.

Then, learn what are the main characteristics I think make up an ideal fitness business. How does your business match-up?

Creating your ideal business starts with you. I’ve created 8 Guiding Principles to help you on the path to your ideal business.

I followed the same concepts I teach when I build Here I give some examples of what I’ve done and how you can apply them to your business.

Here is where I share what my ideal fitness business would look like if I owned one. This is not meant for you to copy, but to give you ideas to fit into your ideal business.

Finally, this article explains how to sustain a successful fitness business once you have one.

Want to learn more about building your ideal fitness business…

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