Most fitness professionals didn’t get into the fitness business because they love marketing. In fact, most just tolerate it. Funny thing is marketing isn’t much different than what you already do, connecting with people.

Marketing is really all about connecting and sharing yourself, who you are, your beliefs, philosophies and techniques with people who may be a good fit for your services.

If it resonates with the prospect they will buy.

So much easier to think about it that way right?

So, let’s get started…

First, start with figuring out who you want to work with and where to find them by reading this…

Next, we are going to continue building on your perfect prospects by learning everything you can and really get to know your customer. This will help you develop your marketing message along with giving you direction to your marketing.

Once you know who it is you want to work with, where to find them and the big benefit they’ll get from the service you provide it’s time to get the word out. There are two strategies I’d use consistently all year round to build your lead sources and increase your customer base.

In this article I expand more on how to use relationship marketing. Yes, it’s that important!

You never know when a prospect will be ready to buy so consistent marketing is the key. When you are inconsistent a warm prospect turns into a cold one by the time you get around to marketing to them again. Being consistent gives prospects the opportunity to know, like and trust you which can turn them into paying clients.

Once you have clients you want to move them to become members of your tribe. A tribe is a group of raving fans with shared beliefs and ideals. They are more concerned about the human connection that comes with the product or service than the product or service itself and spend 66% more than those who see themselves as just customers. Want to know how to build that in your business? Read on…

Finally, here is the strategy or approach I use in my own business when it comes to marketing. Maybe you’ll pick up a few more ideas…

There you have it. My best stuff when it comes to marketing. Read it, understand it and most of all take ACTION on it!


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