Here are several templates you can use for greeting cards to build relationships, generate referrals and grow your business. You can use a service like Send Out Cards (easier) or you can handwrite your own cards (more personal) and start to reap the benefit of blending direct mail in with your online relationship marketing efforts.


Referral Request Card

Dear [Client Name],

I’m firing my advertisers!

I’ve decided that instead of running ads, buying radio spots or investing in some direct mail company to market our programs I’d rather give that money to you.

For every friend, family member or co-worker that you refer to one of our programs, I’d like to give you $100. This will allow you benefit from sharing your experiences with me and our programs to those that are important to you. It will also allow me to continue to work with motivated clients like you and to spend my time working on program design, training and serving my current clients instead of marketing.

So, if you feel like my programs have benefited you, I’d appreciate it if you share them with those people you care about. I look forward to helping them and rewarding you soon!


[Your Name] [Your Business Name] [Your Phone] [Your Email]


Referral Thank You Card For Client

Dear [Name],

I met with [referral name] last [day]. I can’t thank you enough for recommending me to her.

She is exactly the type of person I enjoy working with and helping achieve fitness success. My business is built on happy, satisfied clients sending me other happy, satisfied clients—so you know your referrals are very important to me. I would like to give you $100 as a way of expressing my gratitude. I’ll be handing you my ‘thank you’ next time I see you.

Thanks again,

[Your Name] [Your Business Name] [Your Phone] [Your Email]


Birthday Card

Dear [Name],

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your special day and know that I am thinking about you.

Happy Birthday!!!

[Your Name]


Christmas Card

Dear [Name],

I want to wish you a happy holiday season, and let you know we appreciate you being a part of the [Your Business] family.


[Your Name]


Reactivation Card


“I Miss You!”

I’m very concerned.

You were a valued client of mine and I haven’t seen you for a while. I would genuinely like to know the reason why. I hope that you weren’t unhappy in any way with my service or your results.

Or maybe you were concerned about the cost of training and didn’t think you could afford to continue.

I can only guess at why you haven’t continued to be a client but I’m concerned that the goals you had when joining us are going to go unfulfilled.

I want you to know that if there is anything I’ve done that has kept you from continuing, I want to make it right.

So I want to invite you back to train with me for the next month… for free. No strings attached. It’s truly important to me that you reach your health and fitness goals and the best way for me help you is to have you here as a client.

I hope to hear from you in the next few days, and I look forward to seeing you very soon.


[Your Name] [Your Business Name] [Your Phone] [Your Email]


Networking Card

Dear [Name],

I hope things are going well.

I’m writing to share some good news. I’m expanding my personal training business and I wanted to let you know that I want you to lean on me as your fitness resource. I’d like to give you a gift card for $100 of our services to use as you wish so that I can help you achieve any fitness goals you may have, or provide them to someone important to you if you feel you don’t need them right now.

I’d also like to invite you to join my free fitness newsletter and know that you can contact me anytime that you have a fitness related question.

I hope you can come in and use those sessions soon as I’d enjoy seeing you again and being of help to you.


[Your Name] [Your Business Name] [Your Phone] [Your Email]


Thank You Card + New Offer

(Send 3-5 Days After Joining)

Dear [Name],

Thank you for becoming a client of [Your Business]. I realize that you have choices when it comes to fitness and I truly appreciate you choosing me to help you reach your goals!

As a way of expressing my gratitude for you becoming a client I’d like to offer you [amount] off of my [complimentary offering], which is the perfect compliment to your current program.

If you’re interested in adding this program, you can call me or let me know during your next session.

Thanks again,

[Your Name] [Your Business Name] [Your Phone] [Your Email]


28 Day Follow Up Card To New Client


I just wanted to send you this note to thank you for being my client.

I really strive to give you the best service possible and hope that you feel that I exceed your expectations in every way. If you do feel this way, you’re pleased with the incredible progress that you’ve made and you know someone who would really benefit from this same type of program, would you be kind enough to tell them about me. You may have a friend, a coworker, or a family member who is looking for someone like me. And by telling them about me and what I offer, and how we’ve truly delivered for you, that means that I can focus my time and energy on continually giving and doing more for you and my other important clients instead of marketing and advertising. So, if you have anyone close to you who would really benefit from what I offer, please let them know about how I can help them.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you soon,

[Your Name] [Your Business Name] [Your Phone] [Your Email]


Missed Sale Card

Dear [Name],

I wanted to follow up one last time and thank you for considering me to help you achieve your fitness goals. I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, and I am disappointed you decided against joining.

Over time, I’ve learned that many people like what my programs have to offer, but for some reason or another they feel like it isn’t right for them right then. I know that everyone needs a healthier lifestyle, and I know that I can help them achieve that. So in order to help you adjust to this new lifestyle, I am going to change our offer to you.

I’d like to invite you in for [offer] to experience how my programs can benefit you. No strings attached. If you don’t want to continue after that at least I’ll know that I’ve empowered you with the knowledge that it takes to get results.

All I need from you is to call me within the next 2 weeks to schedule your first appointment and I will take care of the rest.

Easy enough?

I want to thank you again and hope that you are able to make it in to take advantage of this offer, and start moving towards that goal you have for yourself.

Yours in Fitness,

[Your Name] [Your Business Name] [Your Phone] [Your Email]


By Pat Rigsby


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