If you want to accomplish anything, basically it boils down to this simple formula:

  1. Set A target
  2. Break down reaching that target into a few simple steps

Let’s use getting more clients as an example.

Target: Get 10 New Clients In August

Step 1: Ask every current client for the names and contact information of 3 prospects in exchange for a branded T-shirt.

Step 2: Contact each of those prospects and offer them a free sample of what you do.

Step 3: Contact all former clients and offer them an incentive to start back with you.

Step 4: Attend at least 4 networking events in August, and add at least 3 people to your network at each.

Step 5: Offer those 12 people a free sample of what you do.

With that simple approach you should be able to get a minimum of 20 prospects in for a free trial or a couple free sessions. Of those you should have no problem converting at least half, and you will have your 10.

Now maybe you prefer public speaking or Facebook ads. Maybe you prefer the Business of the Month program. That’s OK – the formula is the same. The key is being specific.

Set a specific target, and create simple but specific steps.

In the example I specified how many clients I wanted to get (10).

I specified how many clients I’d ask for referrals (all of them).

I specified how many leads I’d ask for from each client (3).

I specified how many former clients I’d contact (all of them).

Finally, I specified how many networking events I’d go to (4) and how many leads I’d get from each one (3).

This approach not only gives me a goal for each step, but also it allows me to measure, which, in turn, allows me to improve moving forward.

If I determine that many of my clients wouldn’t give me 3 leads, for example, that would mean that I needed a stronger incentive.

If I figure out that very few of my former clients are willing to come back in, I need a better offer.

If I learn that I’m only getting 2 new contacts at each networking event, I need to attend more events.

If I close fewer than half the trials, I need to tighten up my sales presentation, or I need to make the trial a better experience for the prospect.

If you’re not being specific, you’ll never figure out any of this. You’ll be stuck just guessing what you need to do next.

So set a target and some simple but specific steps to get there, and you’ll suddenly see the business side of what you do get easier and your number of clients grow month after month.

By Pat Rigsby

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