Show Notes

In this episode, Pat shares some insights on what may to come after the Coronavirus isolation is over.

  • Pat admits he doesn’t have all the answers as this seems to be an ongoing struggle, but he does have valuable insight to share
  • You and your business need to be adaptable
  • The people who were able to smoothly transition online have been – and will continue to be – more successful
  • You are going to need to be adaptable not only in your offerings, but in your billings, your staffing, etc
  • Don’t wait until you are desperate to start looking for help and answers
  • Be wary of these “experts” that have popped up. Look at their past offerings before trusting what they are currently selling
  • Online training may be “a wave” we can ride that the market has created
  • Pat discusses what he has done now that he has been forced online-only and what he is planning on keeping when this is over

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