Pat is joined by the magnificent Scott Rawcliffe to discuss how to deliver the best value to your clients and maximize both sides of the relationship.

Show Notes

  • Delivery is more than just providing what has been paid for
  • Delivery, when done correctly, leads to business growth
  • Start your referral system right away
  • Have clients bring their own support system, and train them all
  • A referral is not a business opportunity for your client, it’s a way to make their friends’ and family’s lives better
  • They should invite their favorites, not an army of people
  • Gift cards and free books are great ways to get people in the door
  • Can you solve their problems better than others can? For example, supplements
  • Disney business example
  • People will always pay for convenience
  • Find out how to help clients’ own social groups
  • Maximize the value of each client

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