Wil Fleming – Show Notes

Wil Fleming started Force Fitness over 8 years ago. In the time since opening the doors he and his team have helped thousands of clients lose tens of thousands of pounds, and of the 1000’s of athletes they have worked with, nearly 200 athletes have moved on to a career in college athletics.

Before opening Force Fitness, Wil was the youngest Division 1 track and field coach in the country at Indiana University, and prior to that was an All-American and school record holding track athlete at IU as well. As a high school athlete will was an all-state football player, and state champion in track and field.

Wil and his former business partner opened the gym in 2008. From the beginning, the gym was a great success with healthy profits by bringing in clients they had worked with previously. As a result, by month two they were both able to bring home a salary.

At the time, this was the only facility of its kind. Although they were very good at bringing prospects through the door by holding contests and having specials, their conversion rates were low. As three or four years passed by, Cross Fit and other training facilities started popping up. The increased competition led to lower membership numbers for their business.


“We started struggling to get as many people in and we made some really critical mistakes.”


The relationship between Wil and his business partner wasn’t going in a good direction. Wil started switching his focus to launching products online and doing a lot of writing while avoiding his partner due to their poor relationship.


“My attention got distracted towards this outside stuff and I think that is just one of the most critical mistakes any person in a gym can make.”


His business partner left in 2014 and Wil made a decision to push on and fulfill his commitment to his employees. He knew that if he took care of his employees, then they would take care of the clients.


“We wanted to be really positive coaches and wanted to affect as many people as possible.”


One of Wil’s realizations is to focus on what you want your business to be, not what you don’t want your business to be.

Balancing work and family can be challenging, but spending time with his son is important to him. He uses his time wisely and makes time for the things that are important to him.

One thing he feels he could have done differently was the amount of money that was put into it at the very beginning, which created a lot of debt from the start.


“I think we could have done it with way less debt at minimum, or maybe even very little or no debt at all to start with.”


Finding people and employees with the same values can service your business in a big way. Wil says maintaining those positive relationships is key to a successful business.






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