Pete Dupuis – Show Notes

Pete Dupuis is the Vice President and Co-Founder of Cressey Sports Performance. He has served as business director of CSP since it was established in 2007. Since graduating with an MBA from Babson College during the spring of 2007, Pete has been able to apply his entrepreneurial skills in helping to build CSP into the prominent strength and conditioning facility that it is today. His commitment to customer service can be seen day in and day out as he interacts closely with clients from all ages and athletic backgrounds.

Having overseen the development and growth of three separate CSP locations, Pete has discovered a passion for facility layout design and implementation. His passions outside of the business include playing recreational men’s league soccer and spending time with his wife, Katie, and their sons, Collin and Owen.

When Pete was looking into colleges, his father gave him advice about going to a business college. Pete’s father explained that was a regret of his growing up and that going to business school was the most functional degree that could be obtained. When Pete discovered Babson College, he instantly knew this is where he wanted to go. He looked at it as the most efficient opportunity to learn the art of networking and way to align himself with some impressive and productive people.

After being accepted into Babson College, Pete discovered that one of his randomly selected roommates was a fellow student named Eric Cressey.

Pete and Eric had always kept in touch after Eric had moved on to go into the direction of fitness instead of business. Eric called Pete now day and said he was starting his own gym and wanted to know if Pete would be the business guy. Pete had zero hesitation to say, “Yes”.


“I didn’t have any fitness industry experience. I didn’t come in pretending to know everything about everything, but what I did come in with was a pretty solid understanding of accounting, marketing and operational strategy.”


When Pete describes the original facility, he describes is less than ideal in terms of space and equipment. When they decided to scale up and utilize other amenities the building had to offer, Peter says he did receive a fair amount of feedback from the gyms clients.


“They thought we were just going to scale it big and become corporative.”


As they scaled their business, it came to a point where Pete was doing business manager roles, office manager roles as well ad admin and creative thinker. He got to the tipping point where these duties were hindering his ability to actually work on the business. After giving up the reigns of the client experience, Pete was able to spend more time on training and social media strategy, as well as brand management.

What was scary originally turned into the best move they ever made, and the facility almost 2X’d their revenues in that first year.

In 2012, they again upgraded to larger space of just over 15,000 square feet, this time focusing more on a showcase facility in hopes to add to the culture they have been trying to create from the beginning.


“Today running the business is a lot more complex than it used to be.”


Pete says that things are a bit more complicated because of the 15,000 square foot facility that they are currently functioning out of and also due to their second location in Florida. However they have been able to handle this due to trust and systemizing processes as well as having employees that are extremely effective in their roles within the company.


A piece of advice that Pete leaves us with is to spend time with your family, and to make sure you are able to carve out time for them.


“We can run our business when we are at peace with what is going on outside of the facility.”




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