Dr. Jack Ward is an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in Orthopedic Cancer surgery.  Intrigued by the ability of his patients to rehabilitate, Dr. Jack created, along with his partner, a boutique lifestyle medicine practice.

He and Dr. Kim are just starting to expand to the online world and while both were traditionally trained, Dr. Jack’s first question is how to market and promote and how to take the positive feedback from their current social media channels to convert sales.

In order to build a successful business you need to turn that attention into an ongoing conversation that leads to a professional relationship, and you need to have a value exchange so you can control the follow-up process. Controlling the follow-up is key to building relationships, extending offers and value. Don’t put the burden of follow up on your prospects!

Dr. Jack currently is working on an e-book, and he is offering a quiz and also offering consultations. When building a relationship there are different levels of commitment from your followers and there should always be a sequence to how you engage. Starting with the e-book, this doesn’t require the people to do anything except receiving the offer of value. Then through follow-up he can build engagement and then host quizzes and courses and consultation as he builds the know, like and trust factor with his audience.

Another great tip that I do myself is virtually in every email I send has a “super signature” on it. By this I mean that I am keeping my offers in front of my audience at all times

Dr. Jack asked about headlines for emails and what type of process or strategy he should have when writing them. I advise him not to “get cute” or feel the need for a clickbait type of headline; just make it reflective of the value of what you are offering and you’ll see the best results.


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