Dale King – Show Notes

Dale King is the proud owner of PSKC, President of Team Some Assembly Required and co-owner of Doc Spartan. He holds Crossfit Level 1, USAW Olympic Lifting, and many other certifications related to fitness.

According to Dale, his passion for fitness all started when he had gotten out of military and started working for the government in his hometown. He says previously was introduced to Crossfit by guys in the military.


“I fell in love with kettlebells and functional training and the whole deal.”


Dale says someone approached him and asked him to train others in her new facility she was opening. He quickly grew out of that facility, and proceeded to open his own place in an old warehouse.


“It never was the intention of building a business, which looking back is obviously a mistake.”


Dale admits he had no experience whatsoever in business and all he had figured out is how many people were needed to cover the rent.


“My grand business plan going forward was just to charge $5 a workout, then kind of hope we got enough to pay the rent.”


He says it’s the love for his hometown that contributed to his success and that if he had tried operating in a larger city, he may not have been as successful.

For Dale, it’s important to him that people feel comfortable when working out.


“If you have the guts to come in and want to try it out and keep coming back, you’re family; you’re part of the tribe.”


Dale started the gym in part to fill the void in his life after leaving the army. He says that guys from the army are used to belonging to a tight knit tribe and family, that when they decide to get out, they don’t have that anymore.

He performs community work on behalf on his company, with fundraiser workouts for people in the community that might need help or even as part of  a national cause.

He talks about his non-profit organization and how it came about, how they have covered the country to find the best adaptive athletes to put them on a team and further the mission of adaptive athletics. Dale wants to give these people more chances for training and competing.

He says that as the years passed he was outgrowing the facility again, so he bought his own building.

He mentions that the goal was always to focus on growing the gym so he could leave his full-time job.


“So June 2015 I packed up and said goodbye to benefits, retirement and the whole deal and became a full-time gym owner.”


According to him, if they include all the programs they do, they are now around 200 members/clients.


“To be able to get around 200 clients in a 20,000 people town is pretty good, especially when were charging three times the normal rate for the area.”


He discusses his newest projects, such as Doc Spartan, an ointment that was developed to help with the wear and tear associated with training. He says he started promoting it in the gym and that people were quickly raving about it and it exceeded any of their expectations.

Dale’s tips for a successful business are:

  1. Find what your purpose is and focus your work on that
  2. Show you care to your clients



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