Show Notes

  • Pat’s success is built on several foundations
  • 1 – Focus on selling
  • Teach your entire team to sell
  • Everyone should be comfortable with converting leads
  • Believe in your team and build their confidence
  • 2 – Staff training
  • Weekly reviews and lessons
  • They should know both the coaching and business side
  • 3 – Systems from Day 1
  • You need a structured playbook
  • Systems from program design to upselling
  • 4 – Collaboration
  • You’re not by yourself on an island
  • Pat’s 1st product was with Eric Ruth
  • His 2nd feature prominent fitness people
  • 5 – Being results-focused
  • Successful clients are better clients
  • There’s more to results than just workouts
  • 6 – Scaling
  • If you’re not on site, you need even stronger systems
  • What works in one place, won’t necessarily for all
  • 7 – Bootstrapping
  • Pat has only taken one business loan
  • It is possible to build with sweat equity
  • It’s only hustle and grind early on

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