Show Notes

  • Disclaimer: you may be offended by this episode
  • Many many people are trying to start online fitness businesses
  • There are 2 categories they fall into
  • A – The Hedgebetter – Covid caused business issues but they are still committed to providing a valuable service
  • B – The Passives – want income without work
  • If you think you are going to make passive income online without any work you are incorrect
  • People who have things like successful info-products also have some of the most sophisticated businesses out there
  • The hard work is hidden from the public
  • Having a good produce is not some sort of magic
  • You must have an efficient way to get it to the public
  • Think of this way – 1 day to create, 6 days to promote
  • You are trading in coaching for a marketing career
  • Coaching clients have higher lifetime value than sales clients, btw
  • Passive income is not a myth, but it is pretty close

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