Show Notes

  • In the past 15 years, Pat has coached 1000s of business owners
  • Most are looking for a silver bullet – there isn’t 1
  • There is 1 Give and 5 Asks that make up the CMM
  • 1 Give – Give your clients the best interaction of any business they engage with
  • Hospitality and experience go a long way
  • This will build ambassadors for your business
  • Ask 1 – Ask every client to review your business
  • Ask 2 – “Please share our content periodically”
  • This is a very simple endorsement to their circle
  • Ask 3 – Ask clients to invite guests
  • Bring-a-friend, guest-specific challenges, “Who do you know that needs our help?”
  • Ask 4 – Gift an experience to someone
  • PoS or milestone moments
  • A giftcard with true value – full value of a meaningful experience
  • Ask 5 – Ask clients for advice
  • “How can we help more people like you?”
  • This gives clients power and importance
  • With these you should have at least a 1:1 clients to guest ratio over a year

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