Show Notes

  • Each year Pat posts important lessons on his birthday
  • They are an evolving framework for his life and business
  • Here are 3 of his top ones for this year
  • 1 – Understand your own definition of success
  • For Pat it is – do what you value and do it well
  • Enjoy what you trade your time for
  • Continually pursue getting better
  • Don’t water down your efforts
  • Establishing guardrails helps you focus
  • “I’ll be successful when ____” is a myth
  • 2 – Win the day
  • A common goal through Pat’s life
  • The pandemic spotlighted this one
  • When forced to sit still, he got better with business and family
  • Time is gift – be present
  • 3 – Relationships are the foundation of everything
  • Some of Pat’s clients have been clients for years
  • Build deeper, not wider
  • Invest time in your people
  • How can you improve the lives of those around you?
  • The more you help, the more you succeed

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