Show Notes

  • Recurring revenue is the foundation of Pat’s success
  • There are 3 steps – Business model planning, getting clients, and keeping them
  • Today we’re talking business model planning
  • 1 – What is the target?
  • How much income do you want and when do you need it?
  • Having both a benchmark and a deadline is necessary
  • 2 – What do you charge to get there?
  • 3 – How many members do you need at that rate?
  • High volume of low pricepoint or the opposite?
  • What do we deliver for a fair value exchange?
  • A plan to follow…WOM, promotions, blueprints, etc
  • Accountability for that plan
  • Community connection – like-minded motivation
  • Access to a mentor/leader to address challenges
  • Simple is better
  • Accountability > stuff
  • Losing access is more painful than losing stuff

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