Show Notes

In this episode, Pat and Billy discuss the following:

  • How Pat used his baseball coaching career as a springboard for his success
  • Pat’s net worth starting out was more than negative 50K including a loan go into default
  • The factors that led to Pat’s financial success
  • Setting specific goals
  • Start with conservative savings goals and go from there
  • Being a good role model for his kids
  • The importance of who you’re around
  • Pessimistic people are dangerous
  • Reading biographies can be instrumental
  • Why Pat is passionate about supporting me in helping Fit Pros with their finances
  • It’s easy to rationalize financial decisions that lead to difficult positions
  • How finances can be embarrassing
  • How finances affect the other important areas of life
  • Why it’s so important to achieve financial goals
  • What’s on Pat’s bucket list

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