Show Notes

  • Everyone wants more leads and revenue
  • There are more opportunities beyond lead generation
  • 1 – Are you getting enough sales opportunities?
  • LeadGen is building an interest pool
  • Are prospects willing to have a success session?
  • Are we filling our funnel to get prospects?
  • You need a predictable number of prospects. Track your numbers!
  • 2 – Are you closing a high enough percentage?
  • 60-70% is good
  • If it is 90% you aren’t seeing enough prospects
  • With a good volume, you’ll get plenty of “nos”
  • How many come in? How many buy?
  • 3 – Do you charge enough?
  • The more that you charge, the fewer yeses you need
  • You can invest more if you charge more
  • Not everyone is a good fit. You want “your people”

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