“In 2015 Fred Zoller’s Business Generated $360,000. In 2016 He Broke $600,000…and He’s Increased His Net Profit By Over 15%.

Watch him share his story in this short video…

Just over a year ago, I started working with Pat. I already had a foundation of business knowledge when I met Pat, but I was ready for more. I was getting to a point where I had added a few more staff, but I was still in a position where I was being overworked, and didn’t have enough net profit.

Growing revenue was becoming a challenge, because there wasn’t enough available time or manpower. So, it was very difficult to work eight or nine hours on the floor, and then do marketing and administrative stuff on the side and be successful at it. Sure, some people do it, but it doesn’t work very well.

I wanted to scale my business. I wanted to take it to a new level, and that’s the reason that I looked Pat up, and joined the Producer Challenge, which was the first step that I took to work with him.

“At that time my home life was a wreck.”

At that time my home life was a wreck.

As of today, I have six children. At that time, I had four, but I rarely saw them. I was leaving before they got up, coming home when they’re going to bed, it was like I wasn’t even there.

My wife was like, “Hey, is this really what you had in mind for your business?” And I said, “No, not really, but I’m trying to figure out how to go to a new level.”

That’s when I decided to start business coaching with Pat. Initially I had to fight that mindset that “Oh, it’s a new expense.,” and realize it wouldn’t be an expense, it would be an investment if I just employed what I was going to be taught to do.

“So, I jumped ‘all in’…and things have changed tremendously.”

I jumped into the Producer Challenge, that’s where we began our coaching relationship and ultimately friendship. What really sold me on Pat was the way he talked about his family in his emails, and the idea of an Ideal Business. Because, I had a business and it was doing pretty good but I was being overworked, and it still wasn’t looking and feeling like I thought my business should be.

I just wasn’t happy. So, that’s what made me take the next step. Pat talked about his change from a previous business to his current one, and how he decided, “Hey, I need to create a business that’s a business like I want, and not just a business, because a lot of people are in that stage.” And I thought, “Man, that’s me. I don’t want to settle for that either.” So, I hit reply to an email, and here we are today.

“Working with Pat has been one of the scariest, but most fun and most rewarding things that I’ve ever done in my life.”

Working with Pat has been one of the scariest, but most fun and most rewarding things that I’ve ever done in my life.

Because when you attach taking care of your family to something that you do on a regular basis, it becomes extremely important. I talk to people all the time, and they say, “Yeah, this business has X number of clients or does this much in sales,” but it’s never really doing exactly what they want it to do.

So, the purpose for me of going into business was not for me to just continue to work eight or nine, or ten hours a day. I was doing that when I worked in a health club. It was to become a business owner, and not just a coach.

That was something that he really solidified. He said, “Hey, there’s a path that you can take, and own a very profitable, successful business, or there’s a path that you can take, and be a coach with a whole bunch of expenses every month.” And I though, “Yeah, I know. I don’t want to do that.”

So, the experience since then has been liberating.

Every step that I take, where I’m creating a new process, or a new system that has given me more freedom. Freedom comes first, and then the revenue comes second type of mentality has been super liberating. I can go to sleep at night without being nervous, and I can wake up in the morning and be happy. So, that’s huge, especially if you plan on doing this long term.

“I can go to sleep at night without being nervous, and I can wake up in the morning and be happy.”

Anytime you start up a new business, there’s the regular business growth stuff, but I knew that something was missing. Sure, you could learn marketing strategies, systems and processes from all kinds of other people.

But the difference with Pat is that I think his niche is that he gets people to think about, “I am going train you to make the business like you want it. Not like I want it, or like John wants it, or like James wants it. It’s like you want it…and still be successful.” So, that was key for me, because I see a lot of people’s businesses that are doing well, but I’m like, “Oh, that’s not really what I wanted to do. I wanted to do something different.” Many coaches they teach you to do like they do. Which if you want to do that, that’s fine, but if you don’t, then it’s not a good fit. So, that was the key for me.

So, with Pat, the system is built around what your ideal business is, and I think that’s just critical.

I know a lot of people that own businesses, and they’re not doing bad, but they’re still not happy. And there’s a real skill to that—building a business that makes you happy.

“…There’s a real skill to that—building a business that makes you happy.”

All in all, I’m much happier, and I think what I’m happier about than anything is that I still see so much potential in the future. I see my profits get better, I’m less attached to my business, and I can do the other things that I enjoy to do while I’m working and supporting my family. So, that’s huge for me, because as you grow, you begin to realize that, “Okay, the coaching role is not really my happiness anymore. You know, I did that for 20 years. Now it’s more staff development, and info products. Sharing the things that I feel like I’m good at.” That’s where he’s pulled me.

And Pat was leading by example. I think that if you can get 15 or 20 Mastermind guys to meet you in Disney World for a meeting, because you are bringing your family there, that’s pretty ideal. That’s proof to me.

Immediately, the first time I ever did that with him, I thought: “Oh my gosh, I want to do that too. Like, I want to go to a meeting, and bring my family with me, and then we’re going to go to Disney World while I’m there. So, like I’m getting the whole kit and caboodle.” And he said, “Well, you can.” Now, I’m really close to that.

“I generated $70,000 worth of contracts in six weeks, employing Pat & Justin’s methods.”

As to business growth, I don’t think people believe me, but when I started the Producer Challenge, I got second place. So, I generated $70,000 worth of contracts in six weeks, employing Pat & Justin’s methods. That year I finished up at $360,000…but now, this year I’ll finish up at $600,000. That’s a minimum, I may do a little bit more than that. You know, that’s gross revenue. But now, I’m 15% net profit higher, at 600K than I was at 360K.

And when it comes to clients, I went from a goal of 200 clients at the beginning of last year to my current client list of 529 clients. In one year—it’s radical.

“And I’ll tell you how life changing it has been…”

The first Mastermind meeting I attended was in December of 2015. I said I wanted to go on three vacations.

I’ve done that. One of them was for two weeks.

So, I was away from my business for two solid weeks at one time this year. Before I was tied down, so if I left, I lost money. Now I was gone for two weeks, and the business was growing. They were signing people up while I was gone. It was still scary, but it worked. I was like, “Oh wow, I’m there.” Now I’m thinking, “I could probably leave for a month.” That’s just one example of how life changing it has been.

And the best part is that I’m not even at my full potential.

My goals for 2017 are even higher, and Pat’s response is… “Yeah, we’re not even done with you yet.”

So, you know how excited that makes me feel, and the thing is, I’m working less. I have chiseled my week down to 40 hours. That’s with a lunch, this is critical for my Ideal Business, that’s with an hour lunch, an hour workout. I leave at 2:00 to go pick up my kids, and I’m home by 4:30 to bring them to karate and gymnastics, and I operate a business with 11 employees, that’s going to do almost three-quarters of a million dollars.

It happened in one year. That is not a joke.

I have to admit that initially I was on the fence about the initial investment.

Things were tight, but I had to have the mindset switch. I had to say, “My ideal business is owning a successful business. Not being a trainer on the inside of my own business.”

So, I realized that, the big mindset switch, was “Hey, I’m going to invest X amount of dollars per month, but I’m going to have the support, the systems, and the coaching to generate that money 10 times over.”

“I’ve more than made that investment back—20 fold, maybe even more.”

Now, I’ve more than made that investment back—20 fold, maybe even more.

When it comes to working with Pat, I don’t even think about that as an expense anymore it’s like it’s not even in my brain. Because, you know, it’s exponentially growing both business-wise, and life-wise.

I totally recommend Pat and do so on a daily basis.

One thing you need to know about Pat is that he needs to know you’re serious about what you do. Because, he’s very serious about what he does. He becomes very loyal. In the fitness industry, there are plenty of people selling all kind of different things – so loyalty to me, is very huge. I don’t want to be like another number in someone’s stack.

He holds us accountable. So, it’s like, “Hey, I’m here. I can do this. I can support you. I can do all these things, but you have to implement the changes.” It’s still going require you to go out and get it. So, it’s constantly bringing that ideal business back to mind. I love the accountability. Accountability is huge, because he knows that his business rests on the fact that all of his guys are doing well, and that they’re happy.

“Thank you for showing me how to put my family first.”

If I could say one thing to Pat, I would say, “Thank you for showing me how to put my family first.” And that that’s how you really judge success, especially in terms of ideal business.

I remember we actually sat down and had a lunch. I was said, “All right, I’m having these struggles with this and that.” And he said, “Because you’re putting your family around your business, and that’s not your ideal business, and it’s not going work for you, and it’s not going to work for your wife. So, kind of need to flip that switch.” To hear that from another guy with a family, and watching the things that he’s doing in his own life. He’s a good role model that’s pretty integral.

You’re not only doing it for the business, you’re doing it for your family. So, if that’s flipped the other way, then what you think you’re doing is really not working. That was pivotal for me. Being that role model for a good father, and a good husband, was most critical for me, and that’s what I would want to thank him for the most.