What If You Could Build The Business You’ve Always Wanted?
Get Your FREE Copy Of The Path Now…
What If You Could Build The Business You’ve Always Wanted?
Get Your FREE Copy Of The Path Now…
The Path is the story of a fitness business owner who is struggling. Stress, burnout and financial challenges have pushed him to a crossroads of deciding whether he’ll ever have the business success he’s seeking.

But he finds The Path to transforming his business into one that allows him to enjoy the impact, income and lifestyle he deserves. 

If you’d like to follow his journey and discover how it can help you on yours, get your FREE Copy of The Path now. 
About The Path
A Fitness Business Owner’s Guide To Finding Your Way
A Fitness Business Owner’s Guide To Finding Your Way
Alex Matthews is about to hit rock bottom.

Or, at least, that’s how he feels after yet another business trip that he can’t afford.  

His fitness business is in trouble and the stress is putting a strain on his marriage and his family life.

But after a chance meeting with Fitness Business Coach Jeff White, Alex begins to learn how designing his Ideal Business might just be the answer to all his problems. 

Follow Alex on a year-long journey and see how, with a little guidance and a lot of effort, his life takes a drastic turn. The path to success is sometimes just taking the right steps. 

In this fictionalized business tale, learn how you can design and implement simple but effective methods to build the business that you want. 
From: Pat Rigsby

When you started your I’m guessing that you had a vision for what you wanted it to become and what you wanted it to provide us and our clients. 

Your Ideal Business. 
A combination of things like…
  • A specific type of client that you get more enjoyment and satisfaction from helping than any other.
  • Your own style or training and experience that you want to deliver and a culture you want your clients to be a part of.
  • Financial goals...both what you want to earn now and what you want to put away for the future. 
  • A certain lifestyle that you want to enjoy and you want a business that not only supports it, but actually enhances it. 
Now somewhere along the way you have likely fallen short on some of these things...we all have.

But you don't have to settle.

And frankly, that’s what The Path is about.  It’s about getting back to your Vision and building the business that you want.

You’ll follow the journey of Alex, a fitness business owner who is like many of us – someone who is good at his craft but has gotten caught up in the day to day of running his business and gotten off the path of creating the business he initially envisioned.
You’ll learn how he got back on track and built a business that not only served his clients, but one that helped him achieve all of his goals as well.

I’m confident that The Path will help you get back on track to building your Ideal Business and give you the confidence to know that it’s a goal you will reach…

The Path will show you how it’s possible to spend your time working with the clients you enjoy most and can serve the best…

The Path will teach you that you CAN enjoy both professional success and personal happiness

I’m sure that The Path will do all of that and more, so that’s why I’m giving you a copy for FREE today. 
What John Berardi, The Co-Founder Of Precision Nutrition, Had To Say About The Path…
Pat Rigsby is awesome.

No, not because he’s engineered a dozen different businesses, five of which went on to achieve million dollar or multi-million dollar status. 

No, not because he’s an ass-kicking consultant who’s helped his clients build strong reputations, big followings, and successful companies. 

No, not even because he’s helped me and my Precision Nutrition team with a host of 8-figure products and launches over the years. 

Of course, all those things are cool. 

But what do accolades mean if you’re living someone else’s dream? What have you really achieved if there’s no time for family, friends, and personal development? Can we even call it “success” if you’re not grounded, content, and happy?  

You see, that’s why Pat Rigsby is awesome. 

Because he’s accomplished everything above (and then some) in accordance with his own, uniquely defined, vision of how he wants to do business. 

Because he’s done all that while prioritizing, not just paying lip service to, his family, his friendships, and his own personal development. 

Because he’s done all that with deep integrity, internal coherence, and a commitment to a certain vision of how he wants to live his life. 

This is what I admire most about Pat. 

He’s gotten very clear on what an “Ideal Business” might look like for himself, in terms of how it runs, and who it allows him to be in the world. Then he brought that vision to life...with remarkable results….repeatedly. 

Even cooler, he now teaches other professionals and entrepreneurs how to figure out what their dream businesses (and lives) might look like for them...and then helps bring their visions to life. 

Yep, that’s why Pat Rigsby is awesome. 

It’s also why this book is awesome. 

When Pat shared the early manuscript with me, I told him it might take a few weeks to read it. With 4 young children at home, my own health and fitness goals, and my role as co-founder of Precision Nutrition (a soon-to-be 9-figure company), I’m constantly juggling priorities. 

However, the truth is, I read the book that very night -- in a single session -- while waiting for my oldest daughter to finish her ballet dance class. (Yep, I’m gratefully running my own ideal business here, too, which allows me a whole lot of time with my children).

I locked into the story immediately. Not only did it describe my early experiences as a fitness and nutrition coach, it described the experiences of almost every coach who asks me for advice today.

You see, so many coaches join the health and fitness industry full of passion...but lacking vision, purpose, and important skills.  

Now, that’s totally cool if they set out to build the skills they’re missing. But, if they don’t, they end up like the Alex character in this story (and a million other coaches I’ve met). Bankrupt, financially and emotionally.  

So thank goodness for the Jeff character (and the few really excellent professional development coaches out there). Without them there wouldn’t be much of an industry today. Our clients wouldn’t get the help they need; we couldn’t live out our professional dreams.  

And thank goodness for Pat Rigsby. With this book -- more of a parable, really -- he presents a compelling, hopeful vision of the future for health and fitness professionals everywhere. 

As I read through it, I realized that some people will want to label it as a “self-help” book for the fitness industry. And, while I understand why, I think it does the book an injustice. 

For my part, this book is a light in the darkness. 

Yes, you’ll learn to “help yourself” and further your career with the strategies Pat lays out. You’ll probably also be motivated and inspired. 

But, in my opinion, the best thing you’ll end up with is a bright light to ward off the dark. A lantern to illuminate the path to your own ideal business, and your own ideal life. 
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