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Finally, Here's The Step-By-Step System To Create Your Perfect Online Product…And Launch Your Own Virtual Second Location!
... If you’ve ever thought about starting up and building your own online business – even if it is just a side business or something you would like to do part-time…read on…

Dear Fellow Fitness Entrepreneur,

This letter is about a completely different approach to business growth that minimizes risk, cuts overhead and… has more upside when it comes to profit, impact and freedom that virtually anything else you can do.

"Is It Actually Possible To Create A Virtual 2nd Location Online?”
I remember sitting in my back office at our gym, working on an article for a new website when one of our coaches asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was working on a new online business. He said ‘can you actually make money doing that?’

With the false confidence of someone who had made exactly zero dollars online I told him ‘sure.’
As he walked off, under his breath with a hint of sarcasm he said ‘good luck with that.’
Fast forward to now and that same skeptical coach did well over $500,000 just last year online.
It Started With A Plan To Just Document What We Did In The Gym…
My first online product was based on the simple idea of sharing how we’d built a training business from zero to over 400 clients in 18 short months. I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time so I reached out to a colleague, Eric Ruth, and asked him if he’d help me bring my idea to market.

Together with Eric, that initial product, The Personal Training Money Machine, did over $71,000 in revenue…and my initial hopes of making enough money to cover our first family vacation were replaced with the belief that growing my business wasn’t limited to just adding new physical locations anymore. 

Then, a few months later Holly & I decided to document what she was doing with her training clients as an online product in the hopes of cutting back on her 10 hour workdays in the gym so she could spend more time at home with Tyler. 
What initially started with one product and a hope of making an extra $1000-2000 per month has turned into 7 figures of revenue for her business…and zero hours in the gym.
From One Initial Product To So Much More…
From that first product, the Personal Training Money Machine…the knowledge and confidence to build a business…and ultimately over a dozen businesses, online was born.

Since then, the companies I’ve owned have created over 110 products, developed 26 different recurring revenue programs and I’ve played a part in helping or collaborating with some of the industry’s best…experts like Alwyn Cosgrove, Robert Dos Remidos, Eric Cressey & Mike Robertson…to launch successful online products.

All told, that initial online product has created a snowball that has ultimately led to multiple 8 figures in revenue.
But It Wasn’t Just Me…
My good friend and fellow fitness entrepreneur Pat Beith had his own experience sharing his expertise online.

Pat was a coach who wanted to expand the sports performance training he was doing so he developed his initial product, Complete Speed Training. In his first attempt to try and figure out this ‘selling products online’ thing, he went from selling $1200 a month to 6 months later having his first $20,000 month (this happened back in 2005).  

Pat has sold millions of dollars worth of products over the years and has been the ‘marketing expert’ behind some of the biggest product launches in our industry.  

He’s launched or published some of the industry’s most successful sports performance products, from handling the marketing for Mike Boyle’s legendary ‘Functional Strength Coach Series’ to recently launched the most successful speed certification our industry has seen, the Certified Speed & Agility Coach credential. 

And just as with my experience, Holly’s experience and so many others…it all began with a single product. 
Turning Our Experience Into A System
After comparing our experiences and collaborating on a number of projects showcasing expert coaches, Pat Beith and I knew that the industry needed more great coaches to share their experience online and we new that ‘going online’ wasn’t nearly the daunting task many made it out to be.

But we also knew that it would take a proven formula to help trainers and coaches actually complete a product with all the other things they have on their plate. 
See, I probably have personally worked with more fitness professionals than anyone on the planet during the past 5 years and I have a pretty clear picture of where they’re strong and where they need help.

Turning their expertise and experience into a complete product that would stand out from the crowd …well, that’s something that I knew not 1 in 100 would do on their own without some real guidance and help. 
Building The Bridge From Where You Are Today To Finally Having Your Online Product Completed And Selling
Now I know a few things about you.

I know that you feel that what you offer is different and better than what the competition provides. In fact, I recently surveyed over one thousand fitness professionals and 91% of them said just that. 

But I also know that if you don’t package your expertise in the right way online, no one will ever know you that you’re different and better.

So you are the best solution in your market.

You’re offering something that would help thousands or even tens of thousands of people outside your local market.

But you’re not able to package that information and market it effectively, then no one will ever benefit…including you.
Building Your Own Virtual 2nd Location Has Never Been Simpler
If you’re at all like me, you want to grow. You aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

I knew the day that I opened my first training business that I wanted more.

There was a 2nd location within a year…and there were plans for more. Actually, there was a vision for 10 more.
But with new locations come new leases, new equipment loans, new staff members…and less of you to go around.
But the success of my initial product opened my eyes to the fact that expansion was no longer limited to physical facilities. If I had something valuable to share, I could share it with pretty much everyone by publishing it online.

And I could do it without the leases and loans…and the stress of growing a staff 5-10 times over.
Yes, growing a product into an online business has it’s own expenses and demands…but the reach, profit and flexibility make it the first expansion opportunity to consider.
The Guiding Principle Of The Rapid Product Creation Course…Finishing.
The Rapid Product Creation Course is dramatically different to anything you've ever seen.

It's different from anything you've ever been taught.

And It's different from anything you've ever tried. 

See, there are plenty of courses and products on building an online business…from how to generate traffic to developing the perfect email system.

But none of it matters unless you actually have a product done.

I’ve personally talked to hundreds of trainers and coaches with great ideas for products. 

Product concepts that we’re often better than any of their ‘would be’ competitors.

But of every 100 concepts or ideas I’d hear about…maybe 2-3 would actually get done.

And that’s the secret…you have to finish it.

Maybe you want to just have something to sell to your unconverted leads…

Perhaps you want to add a profit center that will pay for a vacation or two every year…

Or maybe you want a full blown, virtual 2nd location…a true online business.

Any of those are possible…

…but they all start with you finishing your first product.
How YOU Can Build Your Own Unique Brand And Put The Client Conversion System To Work For Your Business!
Here's how it's going to work. 

The Rapid Product Creation Course is a home study course broken into six modules for you so you can go through it easily ...without feeling overwhelmed or bogged down.

And these modules are all stored online for you, in a members' only website that you can access from any computer, tablet, or smartphone ...from anywhere in the world - whenever you want. 

In each module Pat and myself will focus on one module that shows you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

And everything in the Rapid Product Creation Course broken down into "bite sized" chunks.  So even though you're going to be doing some things that you never have before, it won’t feel like an overwhelming amount of work when you're executing the plan.

This way, you can absorb everything as efficiently and easily as possible ...so you can actually implement it fast! So with that in mind, let me show you...
Exactly What You're Getting As Part Of The Rapid Product Creation Course!
It starts with...
Once you identify your perfect prospect and create your online brand, you have the foundation for everything else…so here is how we’ll do it: First, we're going to assess your current client base, your strengths, your passion and we’ll produce a blueprint of exactly who you want to work with and what you want to be known for.

We’ll craft your brand that reflects what you and your business are truly about so that you have a clear Marketing Message that allows you and your product to stand out from the crowd.
Once you have your own unique brand we’ll use it to build your offer and the hook that magnetically attracts prospects to your product.

We’ll work through the Pros and Cons of product types and choose which is right for you. 

Then we’ll focus on the unique benefits you provide to make sure that your target market sees you as a category of one. 
Implementation. That’s the focus of module three.

You’ll discover how to cost effectively create your Ideal Flagship Product – no matter which product type you go with. 

You’ll have our entire team to teach you how to get your product done quickly and easily…while still delivering a high quality offering. 
Now that you're positioned to attract the leads you want and you have a product in development, it's time to optimize the conversion process.

You’ll learn how to transition them from Prospect to Customer by utilizing Trust, Influence and Value.

You will adapt my formula that has sold over 20 million dollars online to speak directly to the wants and needs of the prospect you’re attracting to make buying easy and natural for them.
In Module Five you’ll gain a new understanding of the key traffic strategies you need…from profitable Facebook Advertising (Pat Beith generated an ROI of over 330% with FB Ads during his last big launch) to grass roots marketing.

While the general concepts are likely familiar to you, once you look at how we’ve used those strategies with a very specific knowledge of the Prospect you’re trying to attract and the message you’ll be using – you’ll have the power to finally unlock their true potential to attract a flood of leads.
In Module Six we’ll be giving you the blueprint for your own successful product launch. The best of the best in our industry come to Pat Beith to assist with their product launches and now you’ll be getting his expertise in creating your own.

You’ll learn about how to optimize your pre-launch, how to attract affiliates, how to maximize conversions and how to use your first launch as the platform that will allow you to build a true online business if that’s what you want.

Now - if all of this sounds like a lot to take in, that's because it is. This course definitely isn't for someone who is just thinking about creating a product.
This is a different type of course than anything you’ve ever been a part of before because you won't find massive success by doing what you’ve always done.

This is about finishing. 

HOWEVER, we’re making it as easy as possible for you to IMPLEMENT all of this because in addition to the Course Curriculum and tools we’re also giving you... 
Limited Time Bonus…

Here's Your Solution To Building A Responsive Email List And Creating Relationship Online

Recently Pat Beith and I created an in-depth training program specifically designed to teach you the right way to build your email list and the art of what I call ‘Virtual Relationship Creation.’
It's a one-of-a-kind training program because it shares what we’ve proven to work in our own businesses and in (literally) hundreds of other businesses that we’ve consulted with.

If you're a fitness business owner who's looking to separate yourself from all the other businesses in your market, ‘List Building & Virtual Relationship Creation’ is perfect for you.

Here's what you'll get in ‘List Building & Virtual Relationship Creation’…

The Complete List Building & Virtual Relationship Creation Online Workshop (Valued at $199):

This includes our 7 Core Training Modules:
In this module you’ll discover how to identify the prospects that you do want to work with and dial in your marketing efforts with laser focus to improve ROI and start magnetically attracting the clients you love.
Discover how you can develop your own plan to generate a steady flow of qualified prospects month after month with a simple but highly effective plan that you can implement immediately.
Learn the ins and outs of targeting when it comes to paid advertising. You’ll know how to market exclusively to your ideal target market and focus on only the prospects that you want to reach.
How do you get your ideal prospect’s attention? With the right lead magnet – one that gets them excited about you, solves a problem and positions you as an authority. You’ll learn how it’s done in this module.
You’ll discover exactly what the goal of your marketing efforts should be and how you can immediately separate yourself from 98% of the competition by employing the 4 simple concepts revealed in this Module.
 There are 6 different types of emails you can use to generate sales and income – and in this module you’ll learn what each of these types of emails are and how you can use them effectively. (I never see 3 of them used, but those three account for over 20% of my income.)
No one has ever taught relationship marketing in this fashion before – where you’ll learn 7 different ways to educate, inspire and connect with your prospects and clients. This module alone will position you as a category of one in your market.
(Have you ever wondered why even the people selling the automated email systems write their own unique emails…you’ll ‘get it’ after this module.)
This simple grid will completely eliminate your writers block - showing you how you can turn one topic into 7 different types of powerful emails.
The Total Value of List Building & Virtual Relationship Creation is $447...
...but it’s yours as a Bonus with Rapid Product Creation!
“Sounds Great, Pat- But How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?”
In my opinion, it should ultimately cost you zero - assuming you put it to work, follow the instructions, and start selling the product you create.

But that’s wordplay I know. You’re going to need to invest something upfront to get the massive rewards that creating your own product can yield.

And, in truth…I can’t promise that you’ll implement.

But Pat and I have done everything possible to take you from A to Z and we’re even adding a complete bonus course on list building and email marketing so that you not only have a great product, but you have a powerful sales system too.

(And the entire ‘List Building & Virtual Relationship Creation’ resource is 100% applicable to your offline business too.)

So if you want the step-by-step system to build your first successful product …and you’re willing to finish…
…You Can Get The Entire Rapid Product Creation Course and Bonus ‘List Building & Virtual Relationship Creation’ package for just $195

 You’re Protected By Our Personal Guarantee
Here it is: Take the entire course…all of it. 

Download all the tools. 

Go through everything, put it all to work. 

And then, after all that, if you’re not absolutely convinced that this was the best course ever offered on creating an online product around your expertise, let us know and we’ll give you an immediate and full refund. No questions asked. 

We’re happy to do it because we are 100% confident you’re going to love this Course. There has never been anything like it in our industry. 

So click below and enroll now. You literally have absolutely nothing to lose …and everything to gain. 

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