Zach Lloyd is the owner of Lift Life Fitness and a contributing author at He is a performance coach who specializes in training motivated individuals through the process of becoming their healthy happiest self. He has personal training certifications, played on Nike’s basketball team, and worked along side physical therapists. He passionately reads the latest research on the human body and experiments on himself before implementing new techniques to his client’s development. His life’s quest is to impact lives and show anyone that it’s never too late to make a positive change towards a healthy happier lifestyle.

Zach started out as a personal trainer after transforming his body in college, but he wanted more so he became a coach and opened his own studio.

He has specifically designed his business to target women between the ages of 34-64 who are married with children or divorced, highly-educated single women primarily on a one-on-one level.

This year his goal is to start switching over to small group training, as he sees that business model working better them. His thinking is to not just to make more money, but really to be able to get involved with more peoples lives.

The main concern that Zach has with switching over to small group training is how his current clients will receive the new model. With clients being used to the one-on- one training and getting that level of personal attention, how they may react is a concern. But is it in fact the client’s concern or Zach’s?

Almost always our fear of what the response will be is far worse than what the actual response will be.

Offering free group training to current clients to allow them to experience this new model will alleviate most concerns for a large part of his clientele, and then he is able to individually focus on the concerns of the clients that are having actual concerns about switching over.

Change is scary to people; people don’t like the unknown but so much of this is just getting past the unknown and once they have experienced it they may like it better.

For a lot of people the experience is less about the mechanics of the program and more about being happier. Your clients need to be happy each time they leave the facility.

In our industry we get so caught up in the mechanics of the program and thinking about results, when the big wins will be a littler further down the line, but we still need people to be happy when they leave the facility.

Zach’s advice? Feel the fear and do it anyways! Now he just need to take his own advice.



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