In September 2008, Vince Gabriele achieved a lifelong goal when he opened Gabriele Fitness and Performance, LLC in Berkeley Heights, NJ.  Vince’s mission was to create a premier Fitness and Sports Performance Training Facility in the area he was raised — dedicated to the health and wellness of adults and the passion and success of athletes to achieve their best.

Vince and his Elite Team work with adults in new, innovative and results driven strategies and systems that he has created and have led to a large and growing group of followers in Fitness Coaching and Fat Blast Boot Camps. In addition, his work in Middle School Athletic Development and High School Sports Performance Training has a substantial following.

Vince has worked with athletes, both male and female, in nearly every sport – football, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, baseball, track and field, golf, tennis, firefighter challenge, body building, figure skating, ice hockey, wrestling and soccer. He regularly works with the area coaches teaching the specifit warm up and conditioning protocols to be used with their athletes.  Over 100 coaches have come through GFP for this training.  Since opening the Gabriele Fitness and Performance facility in late-2008, Vince and his team have already worked with nearly 400 area athletes and their coaches.

Vince always knew I wanted to own his own business at some point, and from his early beginnings as a business owner he was able to make the shift from the main manager of the business to the owner who is less hands-on.


“I think a lot of people never are able to make the shift and never are able to make the change to go from trainer to business owner because they don’t know how to find good people that are going to run the show when you’re not there.”


He talks about a life experience that made him less hands-on for several months and made him realize that he had built something that would allow him to have more time to become a true business owner.


“I knew we had a decent business, but I didn’t think that if I just did nothing that it would continue to run and grow, and it did!”


He shares the 4 main functions of a business and how it is important to delegate those in order to free your time for other projects.


“When you have the right people in the right places working on the right systems, I think that it’s what creates the recipe for a successful gym.”


Vince has learned a lot of lessons along the way as a gym owner, but here are just a few of the main ones:

  1. Save money every month – invest a small percentage of your revenue to build financial security!
  2. Hire great people – your business will only go as far as the people that you put out on the floor to represent your company
  3. Have the right systems – to teach those great people you hire what they need to know based on your methodology
  4. Know what you want in 3, 5 years (or more) – write it down, put one foot in front of the other and go after it and you will realize that you will get pretty close



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