Sam Bakhtiar  -Show Notes

Dr. Saman Bakhtiar is the Co Founder of The Camp Transformation Center. He has helped transform THOUSANDS of people not only physically but what he feels is even more important “mentally”.

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Bakhtiar has degrees in nutrition and pre-medicine. He is also the author of the popular book “The Total Body Transformation Secrets”

His passion for “body transformations” began with his own.

Dr. Bakhtiar, transformed his own physique from a scrawny, awkward kid to a Champion bodybuilder who holds the record of having a first place title in every weight class.

Today, he is a proud husband and father of two beautiful girls and a devoted family and business man.

Sam moved to America when he was 11 years old and being Persian American, he found himself lost after the move. He didn’t speak the language, his school didn’t have a soccer team and he didn’t have any friends. Sam started hanging out at the Boy’s club and started working out to fill his time. Not long after, he noticed his body starting to change.


“I was hooked at how quickly the human body can change if you give it proper exercise and nutrition.”


In 2000, Sam started his first business called Fitness Concept located inside LA Fitness. Being inside LA Fitness was restrictive, the rent was extremely high and his clients started complaining about not wanting to work out in a big box gym. Sam took the leap and moved to a new location and generated $1.4 million from his new 2800 square foot space.

In 2005 and 2006 he was making great money, but then the 2008 economic meltdown happened. Most of Sam clients were realtors and loan officers doing individual training with him, and he watched his business come to a screaming halt when his clients could no longer afford his services.

Because of this experience, Sam learned some valuable information:


“Anybody who is out there, you always got to stay ahead, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”


He knew he needed to diversify his services and make them more affordable for clients, so he started looking into the boot camp model and made it into a huge success with The Camp Transformation Center.


“We are in the transformation business. We start the transformation through the physical exercise and through this physical exercise we transform people not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually.”


Sam says his goal is to be able to serve one million people and he believes strongly that the money he makes is directly correlated with how many people he serves and helps.


“Making money is just a by-product of serving more people.”


Sam recently just got into providing supplements to his clients. He saw a gap in his business where they were offering everything to transform their clients but then sending them elsewhere to get supplements. Clients were being misguided, and Sam wanted to offer them a complete solution.


“(Our program, nutrition and supplementation), it all goes hand in hand for you to get the perfect results from the program.”


He adds that as long as you put in enough work, are ready to be unique, have an open mind and you are open to getting mentored and coached, you will be successful.



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