Pat Beith – Show Notes

Pat Beith is the owner and founder of Athletes Acceleration, a company that provides the best strength and conditioning information from top coaches and sharing with anyone that appreciates the importance of continuing education. Pat holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, and is recognized by National Strength & Conditioning Association (CSCS), National Academy of Sports Medicine (PES), American College of Sports Medicine (HFI), International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) and USA Track & Field Coaching Level II (Jumps, Sprints, Hurdles and Relays). He’s been published in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, STACK Magazine, Elite Fitness, StrengthCoach, Successful Coaching, DragonDoor, and many other publications and newsletters.

Pat was a sprinter in college and while taking management courses, found out that he loved exercise science and how it could help an athlete.

After graduating, he started working as a personal trainer in Boston and interned for Mike Boyle, then started his own business working with clients and running camps while coaching track and field.

He became known as “The Speed Guy” in the area, and with a partner, developed a system on what they were doing to make their athletes faster. They began by giving the program away for free with coaches that they knew.

Pat says that attending a conference on business and marketing “opened their eyes” to what can be done online.

They completed their product, “Complete Speed Training” (Volume 1) in September 2004, and launched it January 1st, 2005. At this point, Pat had left his training job to focus on the online work, and it originally only sold 6 copies in the first month.


“I was all in and I didn’t really plan not to make money; I didn’t have a nest egg, I had nothing.”


In June 2005 however, they had their first $20,000 month with the product. Pat then helped a friend, who was a coach, launch his product. In the first 24 hours they did $100,000, with a total of about $500,000 in two weeks.


“It made me realize that the system I created works for other people; now I can scale it.”


He says that his business has changed drastically over the past two to three years.


“Don’t be afraid to change, pivot and go a different direction.”


He now helps coaches publish products, in multiple sports and niches.


“It’s just (about) finding coaches that have great content and pretty much just plugging them into the system.”


He notes that once you learn how to market, you can really market anything if you believe in the product.

To get your message out to a broader audience, Pat recommends being great at what you do first, and then see how you’re different than others in the marketplace. Most importantly, you need to work and take action.


“If you’re not great in a particular area, then how can you create a product? If you’re not great at something, get great at it and create a product later.”


He feels that people need to focus on one platform, like video, podcasts or writing, and go from there. Too many people get bogged down trying to do a little bit of each platform.

Pat adds that you need to progress from step-to-step. When they first started, his company use to burn their own CDs individually. They then purchased a 5-disc burner, and they now outsource to someone else who does this and fills the orders.


“If you’re not willing to go after it and figure things out, I don’t think you’re serious or deserve to be that successful.”


Partnerships often start out greats, as the partners have the same vision. Things can change though as the company grows and you have to make sure that everyone is on the same page. If not, don’t be afraid to end the partnership.

He feels that networking with like-minded individuals is crucial in order to be successful. Pat’s most of his affiliates at live events.


“Those people that are at events are looking to get better.”


Pat strongly believes that people need to just take action!


“Everyone knows what they need to do. Just do it.”



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