Mike Robertson – Show Notes

Mike Robertson is an industry icon in the fitness world and is the owner of IFAST and Robertson Training Systems. IFast is one of the top gyms in the country, as reported by Men’s Health and Women’s Health Magazines, and trains a list of highly successful professional athletes.

Prior to IFast and Robertson Training Systems, Mike was working at a small facility but wasn’t satisfied with the direction of his career. He starting writing blogs to create content and then came up with his own product, Robertson Training Systems. He then met his soon to be partner, Bill Hartman, and they decided to open a training facility in Indianapolis.


“From that day forward I realized the livelihood is going to live in two worlds. I’m going to have this online piece where I have a way to influence and educate people from across the globe.”


Mike says that’s he’s constantly trying to consider the vision of the business, who they want to market to, cater to, and ultimately, build.

He himself focuses on personal and group training mostly for professional athletes, but otherwise he does distance training as well. This type of work happens once a month or so, when clients travel to be coached by Mike.


“It was kind of a natural evolution to our business; it is not something that I ever chased, but people are willing to not only travel but pay if they perceive you to be the best solution.”


Mike shares that recognizing the gaps and reaching out to people that can help guide you in the right direction are the drivers for his business.


“The worse thing Bill and I did was go into business together in the regard that neither of us are pure business people; we are very much technicians. We sought out people better than us (at business).”


Some advice Mike gives is to try and step back, as you may realize you’re the bottle neck in your own business. Learn to outsource and learn to let go of some responsibilities in order for things to be successful. Mike says always take a minute to step back and breathe, evaluate your business from all aspects.



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