Michelle Densmore is a personal trainer who created Lucky13Fitness in 2010 as a way to combine her education in the mental health field with her passion and expertise in building and maintaining a lifestyle of fitness. The Lucky13Fitness personal training studio in Burlington provides personal training, small group classes, fitness coaching and nutritional guidance to individuals who wish to develop and maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle. Beyond just training a person’s physical body, Lucky13Fitness places a focus on personal coaching and the behavior change that is necessary for success.

While working in both industries she started incorporating both fields to helping people achieve their goals. She believes strongly in people training their brain and their body, and her tag line is “A Unique Transformative Experience.”

Michelle is now looking for a solid referral structure, and evergreen process, to ensure a steady supply of new leads for her business.

When asking for referrals you are just asking your clients to give a warm introduction to the other people in their lives, and really that’s it!

I recommend picking three or more time sensitive events to use every 4-8 weeks per year. These could be challenges or charity events, as long as you offer something with tangible value.

For challenges golden tickets for “bring a friend” week could be used, and there are lots of ways to host a charity event to make it successful for all parties involved.

With evergreen ideas, pick three or more so you’re not relying on just one, and when looking for referrals, leverage the power of social media by asking people to share information with their networks.

Michelle has a lot more to her fitness studio than working out the body; she has a monthly coaching call with all her clients to work on nutrition and mindset.

Remember to take the opportunity to tell people why you are different, and the most valuable, in your field. Do this and your leads will be literally pre-sold before they come in to your meet you.


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