Matt Keeney is a father, husband, fitness enthusiast and owner of Dreamboat Fitness, based in Lucasville, Ohio.

After having a successful sports career in high school and college and studying to become a teacher coach, Matt ended up working construction. Four years later he found himself unhappy and negative, so he decided to go back to the gym and began training, which led to him developing an outdoor-based fitness group.

One year later Matt opened his own gym, from a three-car garage, training 15 to 25 people on the hour, 5 hours per day, out of 1,200 square feet. His new larger facility is 3,500 square feet, and is opening in September 2018.

We talk what Matt’s priorities will be in terms of marketing to promote his new facility. Facebook would be the top priority to target current clients and also new people for his grand opening and the challenges he is promoting. So much of the marketing and relationship building happen via social, that the website in Matt’s case isn’t a top priority at this time.

A good strategy that he can use is to make a free offer to people he has relationships with in the community, so that they can visit and check out the gym. Let your relationships and clients spread the word for you, and build anticipation and excitement about things like a grand opening.

Matt knows the hours and schedule he is keeping is unsustainable, so when it comes to hiring take a look at your own network as options. You know these people well, and you know their values, so they can be valuable hires.

Another option is to hire a paid intern and develop a curriculum to training them, as needed.

When it come to potentially firing an employee, you need to first set clear expectations and goals for your employee so they know what being successful in their role feels like. Set them up with all the tools they need to be successful, and then go from there!


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