Based in South Carolina, Matt Brady is the founder of Body By Brady Personal Training Studio, where people come to transform their lives through fitness and nutrition. The atmosphere in the studio provides support, motivation, and accountability that is unmatched in the area. All fitness levels are challenged with the workouts through modifications and trainers that care.

Matt started out his career working for big box stores, but then changed direction to work with a boutique studio then eventually opened his own space. Starting with only 200 square feet and 8 clients, Matt grew quickly to a space of 2,000 square feet and 80 customers. As his business grew he realized he needed to put different models and systems in place in his business.

Not long ago, Matt’s recurring revenue was $4,000 to $5000 each month, after making important decisions in his business he is proud to say he has increased that to $12,000 per month.

The struggles that Matt is currently having in his business is the most popular time slots are over-filling. He is seeking advice on how to manage that in the most effective way.

My advice to him is not to rush in to having multiple sessions launched at once because then he’ll see he’s not filling them. Then the worst thing that happens is taking away something he has already offered.

One thing that Matt has been working diligently on is making the marketing and messaging more in line with who Body By Brady is, but he is struggling with getting people engaged.

There is a difference between interest and readiness, and Matt can offer a variety of opportunities for someone to reply or engage when they are interested and ready.

By organizing  “Lunch and Learns” as joint business ventures with Body By Brady and his Clean Eats restaurant, Matt is looking for ways to maximize sales, interest or offers without being too sales driven.

My advice for Matt when it comes to sales is that I feel our best sales pitch is delivering the results that we know that we can get someone.


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