Linda Alexander is the owner of Oxygen and Iron Personal Training Studio, and a 30+ year veteran in the fitness industry. She is a certified personal trainer through NSCA, one of the country’s leading personal training organizations. Linda has helped hundreds of clients attain their fitness goals by pushing them to their highest potential in a fun, safe and positive environment. Her passion and dedication to helping others is why she constantly challenges herself to stay abreast of the current health and fitness studies.

Linda realizes some clients prefer a group setting, which is why her metabolic group training classes provide clients with that supportive group atmosphere, while allowing her to provide the knowledge and skills of a personal trainer.

Linda is also a certified tennis pro, kettle bells and youth fitness specialist and designs other sports specific training programs. She believes that in order to get your desired results, you must make fitness part of your everyday lifestyle.

Linda started out in a big box gym as a personal trainer and teaching tennis, after doing that for years Linda and a partner decided to open her own studio in 2008. Five years later, with Linda concentrating more on the operations side, the business partnership dissolved and Linda had to quickly learn how to operate the business side of things.

Linda wants to take her business to the next level and she is looking for ways to leverage her book to be seen as an expert in her area, and ultimately gets clients in the door, as well as moving towards an online business.

She reveals how her book is a guide for busy women to help them create a healthier lifestyle through mindset, movement and supportive nutrition.

When it comes to leveraging Linda’s book offline, a good way to do it is to seek out other businesses that are already serving her target market, and then use her book as a tool to better connect with them. There are no shortage of people who are already connecting directly with the people that you want to connect with!

When working online, become very specific about who your target market is cast a net by leveraging the book as a lead magne. By doing this, you will position yourself as an expert, which is another great way of connecting in the online space.


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