Joe Dowdell – Show Notes

Personal trainer and strength coach Joe Dowdell is one of the most highly sought-after fitness experts in the world. His motivating teaching style and unique expertise have helped transform a clientele that includes stars of television and film, musicians, pro athletes, CEO’s and top fashion models from around the world-an association reflecting his own former career in front on the camera. Joe was the founder and CEO of Peak Performance; a 10,000-square-foot private training facility, that was voted the #3 gym in America by Men’s Health Magazine.

Over the last 22 years, Mr. Dowdell has earned many of the top certifications in the varied disciplines (biomechanics, physiology, etc.) that constitute fitness, and his ability to articulate that knowledge has made him a regular expert contributor to national publications as diverse as Marie Claire, Vogue, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Allure, Muscle & Fitness and Fitness Magazine, on whose advisory board he serves. Mr. Dowdell has contributed to the following books: The A-List Workout (McGraw Hill), Lift Strong, Mario Lopez’s Knockout Fitness (Rodale Publishing), The Big Book of Exercises (Rodale Publishing) and his own best-selling female fat loss book entitled “Ultimate You,” (Rodale Publishing) which is available on

Joe transitioned from a modeling career and fitness enthusiast into a training career after being introduced to training certifications by a strength coach at a gym.

After signing up, he started to immerse himself in it and found that he loved training others.

As he was going to conferences and lectures, he made a point to connect with successful people in the industry that inspired him and Joe began to learn from whomever he could.

After working almost a year at a gym, Joe decided to start training people from his home. As he reached out to his connections and contacts in other industries, like the fashion and modeling industries, he was quickly referred to others based on fantastic results and leveraging relationships.


“As opportunities came in, I just made sure I did a really good thorough job in those opportunities and that created more opportunities.”


He then started to host education seminars or workshops in his studio to create an opportunity to educate himself and others.


“That was the way that I was able to continue to learn, as well as build up the profile of my gym as being a place that was on the cutting edge of trainer education.”


Joe says diversifying yourself in other industries or fields can give you an advantage. Being able to network with people about other topics allows you to connect with people that can in turn boost your business.


“I think the real deep deep learning comes from mentorships and multi-day conferences.”




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