Joe Arko is the founder of Elite Performance Center, which serves the unique needs of athletes and athletes at heart in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Joe is a 2017 International Trainer of the Year, 2017 Fitness Hall of Fame nominee as well as a TV host and contributing author for multiple fitness magazines.

Joe’s infatuation with fitness began as a competitive hockey player in his late teens. As he was 6’3” and only 165 lbs. he was told be needed to gain muscle and size in order to continue his hockey career.


“I became obsessed, like literally obsessed with training!”


After university Joe started working at a big box gym and moved to managing the gym and his team, to a studio gym, then finally opening his own personal training studio.


“I just fell in love with the business side of training.”


After about five years of running his own studio, Joe sold his business to become certified as a consultant. He saw a gap in the fitness industry where trainers needed more education on how to blueprint a client and his major focus now is teach trainers how to run a successful business.


“A client’s program should be based off of their goals minus their capabilities.”


As Joe traveled around teaching his programs, he quickly realized that his business wouldn’t scale if he was the only one delivering his teachings.


“If I’m really that good at teaching trainers, why can’t I teach someone else to do what I’m doing? To me that is the ultimate form of education.”


When it comes to taking your business to the next level, Joe shares his process on how to identify targets, where your mindset really is and how to focus on networking.


“Before you go crazy on opt-ins and sales pages, go out and meet 50 people a month in your area, and connect with them.”


The E-myth by Michael E Gerber

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