Along with being a personal trainer, Daniel Meng is the owner of MUVFit. Daniel believes there is no “one size fits all” program that works for everyone. He tailors each program to the specific needs of the individual using components of corrective exercise, functional training, balance, core conditioning, cardio, traditional resistance training, and nutritional guidance to form a “map” to a healthy body and lifestyle.

Daniel has vast experience working with clients wanting body transformation to those with special needs such as injury issues, pre- and post-partum, diabetes, and other health concerns.

Daniel played baseball in college but had an injury that stopped his pitching career. After deciding to try and play outfield, Daniel focused on getting in shape, which sparked his love of fitness.

Making this switch to focus on fitness Daniel decided to make a career change and become a trainer; which he has been doing for the past 18 years!

Daniel started his business after the facility he was working for decided to close and that was the catalyst for him to start his own business.


“I wanted to just make it on my own. Just the idea of controlling my own destiny meant something to me.”


Although Daniel’s business was successful, he knew his business wasn’t quite hitting the sustainability that he wanted. After looking at his business model of almost exclusively offering one-on-one training, he decided it was time to make big changes.

With employee changes and steering away from exclusive one-on-one training, Daniel changed his model to semi-private sessions focused on employee and building culture.


“If I could point to one single thing that changed my business is that I reached out and got help.”



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