Bobby Smith – Show Notes

Bobby Smith is the owner of Reach Your Potential Training (RYPT), based in Tinton Falls, NJ. He was a high-level high school and college athlete in multiple sports, and now has several fitness certifications. Bobby is also the co-author of The Coaches Guide to Jump Training and The Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete.

Bobby was first introduced to the sports performance field in high school, where he had a chance to train at a sports performance facility. He credits learning the Olympic lifts, such as the squat, as a big stepping stone for him going into college.


“Having that advantage right from the start set me apart from everyone else in college.”


Bobby decided to focus more on athletics and became a track and field athlete, which is when he really learned how to move properly and become explosive He also decided that he wanted to give back to high school and college athletes through training them.

He is able to reach out to his community and get people in his facility by offering group discounts and referrals, while also promoting using member t-shirts.


“We had no business experience, but what we did was coach our kids hard and coach our kids well and treat them like family. That’s always been the biggest pay back.”


Bobby says that helping injured athletes return to sport is a major piece of his business.

Having culture in your business is one of the most important aspects. To contribute to their own culture, RYPT came up with the 7 commandments.


“If you don’t have culture, you don’t have a successful business.”



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