Billy Hofacker – Show Notes

Billy Hofacker is the creator of the Total Body Fitness Boot Camp of Long Island. He held his first fitness boot camp in May of 2004 and has been a full time personal trainer for over 18 years. Billy graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree (Cum Laude) from Queens College and is also certified by the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) as a certified strength and conditioning coach.

Billy first was introduced to the personal training world when he was only 17 years old and attending community college. It was then that he had some mentors take him under their wing to learn about the industry.


“I had no idea what (personal training) was; I literally did not know what a personal trainer was.”


Billy decided to go full force into personal training while being mentored by a gym owner and he quickly started developing entrepreneurial skills from being an independent contractor.


“I figured out some different strategies to market myself.”


Today he owns two facilities that are run with a very small footprint approach. Billy was able to get there by learning from personal finance mistakes that made him more cautious in business finances.

He believes in being the best at one thing, therefore he keeps his business model simple.


“I want to be the best at something and if I’m doing a million different things I really can’t be the best at it, so I really need to hone in on what we do best; what our core competency is.”


When it comes to marketing Billy has changed his direction since first opening. Before he was running a new promotion every other month and now he has a different approach. He had 39 people sign up for the first 10/4 challenge and 50% became ongoing members at his facility.

Billy shares some tips and advice on being a successful entrepreneur based off of his experiences and business relationships. He believes in surrounding himself with the right people, and focusing on integrity, while having his actions aligns with his values.



Good to Great by James C. Collins



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