Andy McCloy – Show Notes

Body Creations, Inc (BCI) and Andy McCloy provide a wide range of Strength Training and Performance Enhancement services to the greater Huntsville, Alabama area. We train athletes of all ages and sports including football, basketball, baseball, mixed martial arts (MMA), wrestling, soccer, softball, and golf. Andy McCloy has worked with literally hundreds of athletes ranging from middle and high school to the Professional levels, including the NFL and Arena Football Leagues. Our speed camp has allowed athletes of all ages and skill sets to drastically improve their Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ).

Andy was introduced to the fitness world at a young age and had a mentor that showed him the ropes of the industry.

After becoming a young father, he wanted more for his child and he decided to become a contractor at a gym. Within a year, Andy took over operation of the gym over and as a result, turned the business around.

After a few years Andy found that just doing work without a driven purpose wasn’t making him happy.


“I think I was chasing money (and) there was no purpose behind what I was doing. I just wanted to be rich, and that is always the wrong move.”


He decided to get into coaching and mentoring, and in 2005 he had to opportunity to work at a private school as a strength coach. This gave him the ability and opportunity to open a facility himself.


“We have been on climb and we continue to serve most of the elite athletes in our area and abroad.”


Andy built his business by starting with his strengths and making one mistake at a time that he was able to learn from.


“One of my biggest mistakes was not hiring coaches and mentors early on. It was this arrogance, with a mix of ignorance.”



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Failing Forward by John C Maxwell

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