021 My Favorite Lessons – Show Notes

Since launching The Ideal Business Show last August, we have released 20 episodes and I wanted to take this time and reflect on what we have learned so far. Today I’ve picked out five of the most powerful takeaways I’ve gotten from these inspiring guests!


1. John Berardi spoke about the concept of “guardrails”. Guardrails are the boundaries that we need to have in place and follow on our journey to our ideal business. These guardrails help you stay true to your vision and values, while allowing you to make your own path.

2. You want to be the undisputed leader of something in your market! The most successful people are not trying to be jack-of-all-trades – they are a market leader.

There are only two paths to success and that is being different, or being better.

3. There is more than one route to building your ideal business. So many business owners became successful by finding their own path. Whether it be online or local or micro niched, there is more than one path to get to where you need to go. I have interviewed many people with different approaches to their businesses, there is no “right” way – there is your way.

4. If there was on thing that all of these interviews had in common it is that nobody went from zero to profound success overnight!

5. The professionals that I have interviewed in the past 20 episodes knew how to play to their strengths. They knew that they needed to focus on what they are good at and then delegate the rest. They are focused on their innate abilities in their businesses.


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