ATTENTION FITNESS ENTREPRENEURS: Frustrated, stressed and desperate? Working harder and longer but still not seeing results? Then read on to discover...
How To Build The Business That You
Want And Finally Enjoy The Income, 
Freedom & Impact That You 
I'm about to share my formula for building your Ideal Business. The blueprint to…
  • Break out of the commonly accepted and restrictive “norm” of owning a fitness business that’s been keeping you from earning the amount of money you could and SHOULD be earning...
  • Grow your business exponentially and prosper more than you can currently imagine - regardless of your location or past experiences ... 
  • Feeling like you get to go to work every day because you’re training who you want to train and spending your time doing what you want to do. 
While others not privy to this Ideal Business Blueprint will continue to work harder and harder for less and less, with stress and frustration hanging over their heads...

YOU will be build the business that you do want WITHOUT settling for the mediocrity that 98% of business owners in our industry accept. 
Dear Fellow Fitness Entrepreneur,

If you own or operate a training business and it’s been a struggle to grow it as quickly as you want or the growth you have achieved hasn’t resulted in the income, freedom or happiness you hoped for... this message will be crucial to your business success and future prosperity. 

But first, let’s get something very important out in the open. Something that makes many people quite uncomfortable. 

You can build Your Ideal Business! 

But it requires you to do things differently. 

Differently than you’ve been led to approach growing your business... and differently than every other fitness business around you. 

And why is that so important? 

Because accepting that you need to do things differently not only determines how you run your business... it determines how you run your entire life. 

Keep doing it the way you’ve always done it... the accepted “norm” you’ve been conditioned to believe is the only way... and you’ll settle for mediocrity. 

In other words, if you follow all the traditional ways of building your fitness business... 
Your Business Will OWN You.
Your personal goals, your family... heck, your entire life will always be relegated to 2nd place because as you’re letting your business run your life instead of building it to serve you.

Or... you can pay attention to me for the next few minutes and discover how to build the business that YOU want…one that gives you the income, allows you the freedom and provides you the impact that you want and deserve. 

After building over 20 businesses in fitness & sport, plus coaching many of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs in the industry today I’ve developed an approach for both exponentially business growth and, at the same time, business optimization, so that you can actually have a life while still owning the premier training business in your market. 

But first, let me ask you something. 
Are You Working Too Long And Too Hard With Not Enough To Show For It?
Do you feel stressed out about getting new clients or actually paying the bills and having enough money left over?

Do you want more free time? Nothing crazy…you’re not looking for a 4 Hour Work Week, but you’d like to be able to take a vacation and you’d like to be around to have dinner with your family a few nights each week. 

Do you feel like you’re putting in long hours but never really making truly significant progress toward having the business you set out to have when you originally got started? 
Do you sometimes feel confused and overwhelmed?
You’re not alone.

Many fitness business owners are in the same spot that you are. They love training, they are passionate about helping people and they are willing to work…but they don’t have a plan to follow that will get them to where they want to go. 
FACT: Your Problems Are Just Like Your Clients’ Problems
What you may have never realized is that the things which are holding you back from the results you want are the same things that hold your clients back.

When a client comes to you, they have a vision for what success looks like to them. They know, for the most part, what they want. 

But they don’t know how to get there. 

There is no shortage of information or one-size-fits-all solutions available to them.  

Diet books, workout programs, health clubs…but they either don’t know where to start, have tried something and failed in the past or are simply paralyzed but the vast amount of ‘stuff’ they’re bombarded with. 

You help them sift through all of that, assess where they are and craft a plan that will work for them to get them to where they want to go. 

This approach works for helping them go from where they are to where they want to be…and it will work for you too. 
This approach works for helping them go from where they are to where they want to be…and it will work for you too. 
I meet so many business owners who naively believe if they’re really good at whatever they do... and the training they offer is top quality... that they think they can ignore everything else and still have the impact, income and lifestyle they want.
It doesn’t work that way. It’s like your clients trying to out-train a bad diet. It’s a recipe for failure.

But you also know the answer isn’t everyone telling you to “Run Facebook Ads” or “Raise Your Rates” without knowing anything about your business…or more importantly, what you want your business to be.
The truth is that… 
It’s Possible to Make Income You Want, Work With The Clients You Enjoy And Enjoy The Lifestyle You Want To Live, Even If You’re Starting From Scratch…
Over the past decade I’ve built some of the more visible businesses in the fitness industry, from award winning franchises to certification and equipment companies…while also coaching literally thousands of fitness professionals…and over time I’ve developed a proven approach to help fitness entrepreneurs do the same things I’ve worked to do for myself…build their own ideal business.

And after years of being one of, if not, the go to authority on sales, marketing and business development in our industry, I knew that my approach had to evolve to help fitness professionals pull themselves out of the trap that about 95% of our industry falls into…looking just like everyone else and trying to fit into someone else’s ‘system.’
It’s Possible to Make Income You Want, Work With The Clients You Enjoy And Enjoy The Lifestyle You Want To Live, Even If You’re Starting From Scratch…
Rather than take the approach of telling you to be like everyone else, I’ve created a Blueprint for coaching you to be the best YOU.

I’ve studied everything I could get my hands on about building a successful business…hundreds and hundreds of books and products. I’ve used dozens of different tools and systems to try to ‘dial in’ my own businesses…but they all fell short for one simple reason: 
They’re designed for ‘big’ businesses…not small, entrepreneurial businesses like ours.
The Ideal Business Blueprint is the first system to bridge that gap and give you the structure, the clarity and the roadmap you need to not only build the business that you want but to also use your business to enjoy the life that you want.

It is truly, the best tool every created for fitness business owners to map out the business that they want and create a plan for creating that business. 
The Truth About Why You Need This
As an entrepreneur you’re presented with dozens of choices and opportunities every day.

You have do decide between everything from what people to pursue as clients and what marketing tactics to employ to choosing the tasks you should perform yourself versus what you need to delegate.  

And every one of these choices is either moving your closer to having the business that you want or pulling you further away. You’re going to be building something…shouldn’t it be your Ideal Business? 

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it will be to get to that Ideal Business that you want when you have a clear vision of what it looks like, who you should be training, how you’ll attract them and how you’ll make all of this a reality? 

  • Knowing exactly which marketing tactics to employ and which ones to ignore…
  • Waking up each morning excited to go to work because you know that you’re moving closer to your goals…
  • Using everything from your Business Values to your Personal Goals together in a simple System to put your on the fast track to your Ideal Business…
  • Finally feeling like all your hard work is paying off because you’re enjoying the Income, having the Impact and living the lifestyle you want…
So What Is Included In The Ideal Business Blueprint?
In the Ideal Business Blueprint you’ll get a complete formula for building the business that YOU want:
You could go out and buy EVERY product ever created on building a fitness business or spend YEARS going through trial and error, figuring out how to have the business that you want…


Go through this simple Ideal Business strategic planning tool that condenses down everything I’ve learned about building the business that YOU want into a 1 hour exercise. 

No fluff and NO B.S. Just mapping out the core elements that you need to have in place to build the business you want to have. 
Here’s Just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover…
  • How to clarify your marketing message and start magnetically attracting your Perfect Prospect…
  • The ‘Pillars’ that you should employ as the foundation of your Ideal Business so that your strengths serve as the core of everything you do… 
  • Why most fitness businesses fail to ever become what the owner wants them to be…and how to can avoid that trap by using this one tool… 
  • How to finally be able to work toward your personal and your professional goals at the same time instead of them pulling you in completely different directions… 
  • The #1 most important tool for your business BY FAR (hint: it’s NOT your website). This tool is your roadmap for success…
  • The step by step plan that will allow you to reach all of your goals…
  • How to turn your passion and your personal strengths into your Ideal Business…
  • The key factor that 99% of all strategic planning systems miss for fitness businesses and how you can use that ‘missing link’ to have the business you want… 
And much, MUCH more…
After you’ve mapped out what success is to you, then we’re going to give you the foundational tools to get there.

You’ll discover… 
  • The Mindset necessary for building your Ideal Business…without this you’ll always be fighting an uphill battle.
  • The Ideal Business Time System – this is your complete blueprint for finally taking back control of your time and investing it into what is truly important to you. 
  • How to Maximize Your Daily Schedule…our motto is simple…’Win The Day’, and with the approach you’ll learn in the Ideal Business Blueprint, you’ll be setting yourself up to make each of your own days a success. 
  • The Formula For Setting Up Your Business To Succeed – it doesn’t matter if you’re opening a brand new location or optimizing an existing one…we’ve got you covered with a complete blueprint… from site selection and buildout to choosing the right client management system…we’ve addressed it from A to Z. We even cover Grand Opening Marketing so you can hit the ground running. 
  • Your Optimal Service Format – you’ll be able to confidently choose between semi-private, group training or one-on-one, understanding the pros and cons of each and what’s the best fit for you.
Next we’ll combine your own strengths, passions and skills to create your Ideal Business Brand. 

Not 1 in 50 training businesses have a unique brand and way of describing it that actually stands out in the market. They all look the same to prospects. 

But in Module Three we’ll craft your brand that reflects what you and your business are truly about…and them we’ll go through the 5 Part Formula for How To Talk About Your Brand so that you have a clear Marketing Message that allows you, your staff and your clients to talk about your business in a way that truly sets it apart. 
And this new Marketing Message will be the core of all your future marketing strategies so that your Perfect Prospects will finally know that you are speaking specifically to them with each ad, marketing campaign or tactic that you employ.

Once you have the message in place we’ll set thing up to make your brand Magnetic so that the Perfect Prospects you want start seeking you out rather than you constantly having to chase new leads. 

From Networking to Facebook Marketing…you’ll know exactly how to attract the exact Prospects you want.  

Your service, your experience and your methods will all be in perfect alignment so that everything someone sees, feels or touches in your business reinforces your brand. 
Now that you're positioned to attract the Prospects you want, it's time to produce.

You’ll discover how to optimize transitioning them from Prospect to Client by utilizing Trust, Influence and Value.
You will adapt my multi-million dollar proven Sales Formula to speak directly to the wants and needs of the prospect you’re meeting with to not only make buying easy and natural for them…but also make selling fun for you.

You’ll be able to create both a unique level of trust and a strong desire to work with you because they’ll almost automatically know that you’re the exact solution that they need to get the results that they want. 
This is a complete paradigm shift in selling compared to what most trainers experience, with both you and the prospect being on the same page, wanting and expecting the same things instead of feeling like selling is a competition between you and the prospect. Your conversion rates will climb, the willingness of prospects to commit to longer term programs will grow and all while you’re finally charging what you’re worth. 
If you want to scale your business beyond you then you need to learn how to build a Team. In this module you’ll learn how to attract the right team members, how to set them up to succeed and how to get them to be powerful ambassadors for your brand.

You’ll learn… 
  • Why most fitness entrepreneurs set themselves up to fail before the team member is ever hired…and how you can avoid their mistakes.
  • The keys to setting someone up to succeed in their role. 
  • How to bring out the best in each team member by playing to your own strengths. 
  • Why delegating is much simpler than 99% of business owners make it. 
Once you’ve discovered everything that goes into Your Ideal Business, Justin and I have put together a collection of the necessary tools to execute them.

As part of the Ideal Business Blueprint you’ll get the following, ready to use tools…
  • Your Ideal Business Gameplan One Sheet
  • Complete 30 Day Automated Conversion Email Sequence
  • Ideal Business Brand Message Templates
  • Plug & Play Sales Page For Group Training
  • Sales Page For Hiring An Administrative Assistant
  • Two Proven Press Releases
  • Client Agreement
  • Client Cancellation Form
  • Quarterly Projection Sheet
  • Annual Goal Sheet
  • Sales Conversion Script
Now - if all of this sounds like a lot, that's because it is. The Ideal Business Blueprint definitely isn't for someone who is just looking to get a few more leads in the door or generate an extra thousand bucks. This is a different type of program than anything you’ve ever been a part of before because you won't find massive success by doing what you’ve always done.

HOWEVER, I'm making it as easy as possible for you to understand all of this ...and most importantly…for you to IMPLEMENT so that you can have your Ideal Business.
As an added bonus we’re sharing a complete toolkit for you to run your own highly profitable 8 Week Transformation Contest. You’ll get…
  • Proven, Converting Facebook Ads
  • Flyers
  • Transformation Contest Sales Page
  • Prospect Emails
  • Motivation Emails
  • Orientation Checklist
  • Orientation Presentation
  • Pricing Guide
  • Client Checklist
  • Food Journal
  • Goal & Weigh-In Sheets
  • Meal Plans
  • Recipe, Grocery List & Snack Guide
  • Comprehensive Training Programs & Reference Guide
  • Fat Loss Workshop
  • Grand Finale Party Checklist
This is the exact Transformation Challenge material my Ideal Business Mastermind Member Fred Zoller used to grow his business to over 400 clients…and it’s yours as a bonus when you invest in the Ideal Business Blueprint.
"But What if it Doesn't Work For Me?"
Then It's ALL FREE.

Listen, I know this blueprint works, as do the many fitness entrepreneurs who have already experienced the impact of the Ideal Business approach. But at the same time, I understand that you still may be skeptical, and as such I want to do everything I can to make this a no-brainer, risk-free decision for you.

And for that exact reason, here's what I’m going to do for you – I’ll extend my Iron-Clad, 60-day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee:

Simply put, if you implement the Ideal Business Blueprint, and for any reason are NOT entirely satisfied with the results you achieve from it, just contact me and I'll immediately refund your investment. It's that simple.

I stand behind this best in class approach to building the business that you want and the rapid results you will achieve, but if for some strange reason it doesn't yield those results for you, you get your money back. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.
Do You Want To Finally Enjoy The Income, Freedom & Impact That You Deserve?
The truth is this: you could scour dozens of programs and products…even invest in a franchise or license for tens of thousands of dollars and go through thousands of hours of trial and error to try to build a business that is what YOU want.

Or you could…
  • Skip all that work.
  • Rely on the fact that I’ve already created the blueprint for you. 
  • Start getting results now with the proven Ideal Business Blueprint. 
  • Do so completely risk-free with your results guaranteed. 
So if you want the step-by-step system to build your Ideal Business…and you’re willing to implement…

…You Can Get The Ideal Business Blueprint Today For Just $195 $97.50

Click Below and Let’s Get Started. 
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Dedicated to Your Success,
Pat Rigsby

P.S. Remember, with my Iron-clad, 100% Money-back Guarantee, I’m giving you 60 risk-free days to discover what hundreds of the industry’s best Entrepreneurs already have—this is the most effective, step-by-step system for building your Ideal Business EVER created. Grab it RISK-FREE today.

P.P.S. The Ideal Business Blueprint is your solution for building the business that you want. Your business has specific needs that can’t be solved in a one-size-fits-all program. This is exactly why I developed this’s a roadmap to take you step-by-step to building your ultimate and ideal fitness business. 
To join me and develop the business that you want and deserve, register here now -> 
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