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Even Against Your NEWEST & TOUGHEST Competitors
Even Against Your NEWEST & TOUGHEST Competitors
Included in this IBA invitation: The quickest, easiest way to…SHIELD YOUR BUSINESS from:
  • The EVER-INCREASING COMPETITION moving into your area …
  • Facebook’s PERPETUAL (and maddening) ALGORITHMIC changes, and … 
  • Quite possibly the GREATEST THREAT of them all (revealed below) and …
by harnessing the most powerful and reliable 
By Pat Rigsby, CEO, Ideal Business Academy  
Fellow Fit Pro,

In just a moment, I’m going to invite you into a very special world where…

… ordinary fitness businesses are being transformed into Ideal Businesses, generating staggering new profits and enjoying record breaking years.  

But first …  

Let me ask you a question.  

Why did you r-e-a-l-l-y open a fitness business?  

Is it because you love people and want to help transform bodies and change lives?
Is it the immense satisfaction of a job well done?  

Is it because you crave to be your own boss? 

While all the above are undoubtedly true, I want to propose a deeper reason. 

You decided to open a fitness business because you want … 
Freedom and Control
Freedom to be in charge of your time — and control of your financial destiny … so you can live your ideal life.

Am I right? 

Now, let me ask you a much tougher, more personal question.  

What disappoints you most about the business you’ve built?  
  • Unrelenting competition with bigger and better facilities?
  • Heavy client turnover, (attrition or churn rate)? 
  • Pricing wars against other gyms? 
  • Employee hassles? 
  • Overwhelm?
  • No realistic plan to compete with bigger ad budgets? 
  • Too much effort with too little payoff?  
  • Fear of not making payroll?
  • Info-overload? 
  • Fill in the blank______________________? 
If you’re like most fitness business owners I’ve worked with, you can probably add a few items to that list.

So, some nights, you toss and turn. Other nights, you can’t sleep at all.  
With Disappointments Like These, You Need to KNOW Exactly How Your Peers Are Moving Beyond Just Surviving - To THRIVING!  
So let me be blunt. 

If you don’t have a strategy for handling new competitors moving into your area … 

If you don’t have an actionable plan to survive and thrive the next 12 months, and …  

If you don’t have someone you can trust helping you create your ideal business … 

Then you’re already… 
Forfeiting both the  Control and Freedom you want in your business and life.  
Because, if you are not being proactive with your strategy, you’re only left with one other option — reactive tactics.

And that’s no way to survive the onslaught of new competition.  

The fact is, if you’re not worried about the ever-increasing competition all around you …
… you’re either turning a blind eye to the facts, or you haven’t been paying attention.  

Either way, burying your head in the sand is no longer an option.

Day by day, the fitness industry is growing increasingly schizophrenic — with poor companies getting poorer and rich companies getting richer.   
Examples: Recently, a controversial report was released entitled, “Why 90% of CrossFit gyms are slowly going bankrupt.”

The author claimed insider knowledge from an insurance company that …

…CrossFit affiliates were closing their doors at the alarming rate of 100 per month.  The article also claims the average…

• CF gym generates less than $13K in gross sales monthly …
• Owner’s salary is less than $3,000 a month …
• Coach earns less than $1,000 a month …
• Lifetime value of a client is $1,700, and …
• Business profit is $0. 

Is it all true? I don’t know, but I do know this …
Examples: According to Club Industry, over the last three years, your direct competitors are growing at staggering rates:

• Anytime Fitness grew 133%, generating $55.3 million in sales...
• 24E Fitness grew 736%, generating $2 milling in sales.
• OrangeTheory grew 1,147%, generating $10.4 million in sales, and …
• Title Boxing grew 1,175%, generating $46.2 million in sales.
And that doesn’t include every new bootcamp, indoors cycling, yoga, Pilates, and barre studio within minutes of your facility … 
Doing everything they can to steal your members. 
Nor does it include every new program Gold’s Gym, LifeTime Fitness, Equinox, the YMCA, and other big box gyms are incorporating into their membership offerings …

… all to increase their market share at your expense.  
In This Ever-Growing, Ultra-Competitive, High-Risk Environment … Owning a WEAK Brand Position In The Market Place is More Foolhardy Than Ever.  
Take a look around with me and you’ll see: 

• It has never been more important to stand out from the crowd …
• It has never been more vital for your brand to be found easily online …
• And it has never been more critical you avoid being seen as a commodity.

Because at the same time your competition is closing in from all sides … 
There’s something else secretly threatening the average fit pro,  and it’s quite possibly the greatest danger of them all. 
A few weeks ago I posted a 3-choice questionnaire in the Ideal Business Academy’s private Facebook group …   
Which of these 3 do you think has the most potential  for negatively impacting your business? 
  • Increased competition — the rapid growth of franchises like Orange Theory, Planet Fitness, F-45, Fit Body and others.
  • The changes with Facebook — increased ad costs, less reach for organic, previous offers no longer converting.  
  • The stock market having its worst week in 2 years — potentially a threat of an economic downturn.  
As I suspected, the answers started pouring in, and just when it seemed that:
  • Increased competition was going to the clear winner …
  • Facebook changes was going to come in second, and that … 
  • The stock market wasn’t much of a concern at all … 
Suddenly – and without warning –  the dynamics of the questionnaire took a rapid and unexpected change in direction. 
Someone (without my permission), added a 4th option … 

… and it completely turned the survey on its head.  

Instantly, it seemed everyone was only choosing the 4th option. 

And to be honest, I was quite confused and frustrated with the jolting change in direction, because it totally derailed the purpose of the questionnaire.  

I’ve since gotten over it, but it did reveal something quite interesting.  

It exposed … 
The internal secret
— and the greatest threat —
every fitness professional faces  who wants to build their Ideal Business.  
And it was a threat I had never considered.

What this survey uncovered is that … 

… while increased competition and the ever-changing  Facebook algorithmic changes ARE major concerns for fit pros …  

Nothing — and I mean nothing — came remotely close to …  
A fit pro’s own attitude of complacency!  
  • William Hofacker: “We are our own biggest threat.”
  • Matthew Green: “Not constantly striving to build deeper more meaningful relationships with clients.” 
  • Steve Payne: “I think it’s more a matter of feeling like, after a lot of action and hustle, you’ve reached a certain level of success and want to coast, just for a little while. And that little while turns into something more.”
  • Tin Tran: “I’m guilty of getting complacent whenever I reach a new level of success and I feel like that’s really slowed my progress down.”   
  • Rick Streb: “I get lackadaisical at times and it slows growth.” 
  • Dianne Villano: “The only thing that stops growth is when we stop taking actions necessary to grow … being reactive not proactive. Personally, I get comfortable every new level of success and then lose sight of the ultimate goal and get lazy.” 
  • Zelly Wesson: “Complacency for sure! When you feel like you have arrived, you stop doing all the little things that got you there. You stop growing, stop being hungry to improve, stop going to seminars, stop reading, stop learning to think outside the box.”  
No matter what label you place on it — complacency, lackadaisical, procrastination, laziness, coasting — it’s still … 
The single greatest threat  you have 100% control over! 
Think about it: 
  • You can’t control the next Orange Theory location invading your neighborhood …
  • You can’t control the next Facebook algorithm change, and …  
  • You certainly can’t control the national and world economies …  
But you CAN control apathy! 
However, to do so successfully for long periods of time … you are going to need something more powerful than just your own will power and brute determination. 
You need a good dose of accountability from someone you can trust.  
And when you find them, you can grow steadily more profitable, year after year just like these IBA members: 
Now listen, I’m sure you’ll agree those stories are pretty impressive. 

But … let’s you and I face the facts together … that kind of growth is NOT normal for the small business owner in our industry.  

In fact, as we’ve already seen, those kinds of growth numbers are typically reserved for the … 

… much bigger, well-known, heavily financed players in the fitness industry, like the Orange Theories, Planet Fitness’, F-45’s, Fit Body Bootcamp, and Gold’s Gyms.  

And in a cut-throat industry like ours …  
To the victor go the spoils!
So, if you’re feeling less than confident heading into the next 12 months, you’re in good company.

Thousands of your fit pro peers feel just like you.  

Because in a $19 billion industry where fortunes will be made and lost … 

… where financial investors are seeking safety and security outside Wall Street …
… and where small fitness business owners can be picked off as easily as shooting fish in a barrel …
Threats Like These Are Not Going to Vanish Anytime Soon 
But most fit pros incorrectly assume they can’t compete with such uncontrollable Goliaths.

That’s not true, though … it’s not true at all.  

In fact, the opposite is true …  
  • You can still build a top-of-mind brand — by helping your clients understand what’s in it for them.
  • You can still create a genuine differentiator — one that matters to new prospects.  
  • You can still eliminate a weak position in the market place — and replace it with a new, strong position.  
  • You can still build and create your own economy, regardless of stock market ups and downs. 
And I have practical, real-world help for you.

I’m talking about tools and coaching for …  
Your Ideal Business …
So You Can Compete Without Fear  Even Against Your Newest And Toughest Competitors 
How will I help you do that? 

Well, the first thing you need to know is … we’ll do this together.  

I, along with Justin Yule (a 7-figure fitness business owner), will help you harness the most powerful and reliable business force on earth.  
I’m going to tell you what that is in just a moment.  But first, just listen to what others are saying …  
Did you catch it? The most powerful and reliable business force on earth? 

What each of these fit pros are talking about is access to … 

… the right tools, the right group of people, and the right industry leaders … 

… who want to help you build your ideal business … 

… by inviting you to join us in the …  
You see, there’s no reason to envy Brad, Billy, Daniel, and dozens of others, when you can join them in turning your businesses around. 

For example: If you had increased your business by 20% like Billy Hofacker did …  

• A $150,000 business increases by $30,000, giving you a $180,000 year …
• A $250,000 business jumps $50,000, handing you a $300,000 year …
• A $350,000 business skyrockets $70,000, giving you a $420,000 year. 

You may do better. Or, you may do worse. This isn’t income claims, and I’m not saying you’ll do this well.  

All I’m saying is that if you increased your business 35% … like Daniel Meng has … the same math would look like this: 

• Your $150,000 business increases $52,500, giving you a $202,500 year …  
• Your $250,000 business jumps $87,5000, totaling a $337,500 year …
• Your $350,000 business skyrockets $122,500, adding up to a $472,500 year!

Then there are the superstars … those owners who don’t want to be named, who double — even triple — their businesses.  

How would your life change if — suddenly — your …  

$150,000 business doubled to $300,000 … or tripled to $450,000
$250,000 business doubled to $500,000 … or tripled to $750,000!
$350,000 business doubled to $700,000 … or tripled to $1,050,000!

“Impossible!” you say?  

Well, don’t tell that to the savvy business owners in the Ideal Business Academy who are actually doing it. 

And don’t forget that over the last three years, Anytime grew 133%, 24E grew 736%, OrangeTheory grew 1,147%, and Title Boxing grew 1,175%!  

… So … as you can easily see … all around you fitness businesses are booming, thriving, and exploding at record rates.  

There’s no good reason why you can’t increase your business as much as your vision will allow.   

That’s why I’m inviting you to join us in the Ideal Business Academy. 

And while it’s not for everyone … 
Don’t YOU Be The Fit Pro Who’s Left Behind This Year! 
My mission is to help you leave worry and disappointment behind — and help you get excited about building your ideal business again.

I’ll do it by helping you: 
  • Compete on LEVEL GROUND with your biggest competitors — by handing you the right tools and support that gives you more than a fighting chance … it gives you a winning strategy against better funded businesses …
  • Create a new marketing plan and budget that works AS WELL OR BETTER than multimillion dollar advertising budgets …  
  • Stop the bleeding of heavy client turnover, with strategies to REDUCE ATTRITION to under 5% monthly … 
  • Eliminate a WEAK brand position in the market place, so you no longer fear pricing wars between competing gyms …  
  • GAIN CLARITY and FOCUS that reduces overwhelm and information overload, and … 
  • Create an ACTIONABLE plan that helps you GROW STEADILY MORE PROFITABLE over the next 12 months.  
If that’s the kind of business you want — and I believe it is — then let’s take a closer look at what’s included in the Ideal Business Academy. 

But before we do, I need to let you know there is a FIRM LIMIT on how many new members we can accept.  
We Can Only Accept 39 IBA Members  
This is not a false urgency tactic … because Justin Yule and I are personally working with this select group in person and in 1-on-1 private calls. 

That means this is definitely not for everyone. 

This invitation is being extended to you because I believe you are the type of business owner who ‘gets it’ and is ready to go ‘all in’ to build your idea business. 

If I’m right about that — about you — then I look forward working with you and celebrating your successes as you grow your business. 

When you join us, you’ll … 

1. Attend Our Live, 2-Day Meetings. We hold Live, 2-Day Meetings (in Louisville, KY, and Orlando, FL) at 5 different times of the year. Most IBA members attend 2-3 of these meetings, but as an IBA member, you are granted access to all 5 meetings.
  • We’ll spend these days together personally working on you, your business, and your goals. This isn’t a templated “general advice,” meeting … this is detailed and personalized to you process that works.
  • You’ll leave with proactive strategies (instead of reactive tactics) on how to simplify your business, increase your brand awareness in the community … and you’ll have a step-by-step plan to create your ideal business.
  • We’ll give you everything you need to double or even triple your business over the next 12 months … all the while building a business you love owning.
2. Develop Relationships With The Best of Best. It’s been said, “You are a reflection of those you surround yourself with” … and it’s true
  • You’ll not only be adding Justin and myself as coaches and advisors, but you’ll also gain instant access to other extremely high performers … all of them committed to helping your business!
  • You’ll see what’s been working for your fellow fitness pros … and we’ll find ways to ‘transplant’ their best ideas, methods, and strategies straight into your business. 
  • You’ll develop a sphere of friends to “get you” … and who know the challenges you face, the frustrations you deal with, and loneliness of being an entrepreneur.
3. Get Instant Access To Our Proven Ideal Business Curriculum & Coaching.  Beyond the business momentum you’ll enjoy in the 5 Live, 2-Day Meetings, you’ll also get on-going support with both personalized coaching from Justin and I … and you’ll get our proprietary IBA business curriculum.  
  • 3-Track, Ideal Business Curriculum …designed to give you all the tools you’re going to need to succeed in the competitive days ahead. 
  • Branding & Conversion Development Curriculum … to help your business magnetically attract the clients you want to work with and position yourself as the ‘go-to’ market leader in your area
  • Ideal Business Playbook … to help you avoid the many mistakes I made when developing my two award-winning franchises. This is vitally important information that took me years to get right.   I know how overwhelming the concept of creating a systematic, optimized business can be — SO WE MAKE IT SIMPLE. 
  • 100 Day Sprint Program … designed to make your first 100 days after joining IBA the most productive and profitable 100 days of your career. We’ll work together to develop your own, personalized business operating system.  Don’t worry, it’ll be easier than you imagine with our proprietary approach. Then, we’ll bring it all together with our 100 Day Sprint Program — the only true goal achievement system ever designed for fitness entrepreneurs. 
How good is it? Well, it’s the very system we use to build our own ideal business … and it’s the fastest way in business to jumpstart your revenue and achieve your goals.  You’ll not only gain access to it — we’ll coach you, step-by-step all the way trough it.  
  • Virtual Coaching … in addition to everything above, you’ll also get a Quarterly Private Coaching Call with either Justin or myself. On these calls, we’ll work on your strategic plan, answer your questions, map out your goals, or anything else you need to move your business forward. 
In addition to that, each month we do a Group Video Conference to share with each other what’s working now … best practices … answer questions … and keep everyone on track toward their goals. 
  • The IBA Private Facebook Group … you’ll connect with other IBA Members from all over the globe, getting different perspectives, amazing insights, and actionable advice. It’s your 24-hour hotline to keeping your eye on the ball, your motivation levels high, and your profits soaring. There’s really no other Facebook group quite like the IBA group when you want to see what’s working now for other members.  
That’s because IBA has gotten the reputation for being a virtual-hub where the up-to-the-minute action is taking place in real time. You’ll find this special group of like-minded fit pros to be worth the price of enrollment all by itself.
  • Implementation Days … at least 6 times a year, Justin or I host an IBA Implementation Day. Think of it as sort of a mini-mastermind meeting where we work on implementing the curriculum … and provide you with additional, personal coaching. 
When you join me in the Ideal Business Academy, you’ll agree that it’s nothing like you’ve ever invested in before — at a no-brainer price you can’t match anywhere. 

Which brings us to the obvious question …  
“What’s The Investment?”
Just look around for other business building courses on line, and you’ll see for yourself these companies are charging …

$5,000 … $10,000 … even $25,000 and more to be included in their inner circles.  

I don’t blame them.  

Even my full day, in-person, private coaching would cost you $5,000, because that’s my daily consulting fee.  

And it’s worth every penny.  

But I don’t want you to pay that much, and I’m going to show how to get it in at a fraction of that cost.  

I’m willing to do this because being part of the Ideal Business Academy will give you just a much 1-on-1 time with me … 

… and a lot of other benefits you won’t get in a single day’s consulting.  

Not only that — if you are as savvy as I think you are — you’ll take the savings and start implementing the proactive strategies you’ll learn from the Ideal Business Academy to …
… So … if you’re committed to building your Ideal Business and want to work side-by-side with Justin and myself …

… As well as other high-performers who will force you to up your game …  

Then the investment to you is not $25,000 … not $10,000 … and not even $5,000 …    
It’s a modest $3,540 for the entire Ideal Business Academy Program.  

Over the course of your first year, that comes to only $9.70 a day — about the same as a cheap lunch out.  

If that still seems a bit steep to you, think of it like this; for less than $10 a day, you get back the …   
CONTROL AND FREEDOM  of Your Business and Life!  
What is that worth to you?

A part of my job as your business coach in the Ideal Business Academy is to get you thinking right.  

So consider this.  

What if you only increased your business by 15% over the course of the next 12 months? 

If you’re currently generating $150,000 in sales, that would give you a nice $22,500 bump.  
That’s a 600% Return on Your Investment! 
Which, I’ll remind you, is w-a-y below normal for an Ideal Business Academy fit pro. 

Now the only question is, “Are you the type of person who should join IBA?”  

Only you can answer that, but if you are interested …  
Here’s What You Need To Do Next 
Complete the form below. 

Once you do that, a member of my team will reach out to you to schedule a call so we can discuss your business.

We’ll go over your starting goals and we’ll decide together if the Ideal Business Academy is a right fit — which, quite frankly — it may not be.  

That’s because we’ve got an incredible group of like-minded, high-achievers who deserve to have the same quality of fit pros joining us.  

I hope that’s you.  

If it is a fit, I’ll extend the invitation to join and we’ll start working together to build your Ideal Business.  

If you feel like this is right for you, compete the from below.  
Pat Rigsby 
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