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Dear Friend,

The first step in building your Ideal Business is creating more revenue.

More clients.

More profit.

More personal income.

We'll talk about how you can get more revenue in a minute, but first ...
Please Read This Important Disclosure
Listen. What I'm about to share with you can really help you.

...Assuming you've got a real fitness business you can apply it to.

By "real" business, I mean the business is currently serving fitness, health or sports performance clients and delivering results.

On the "flip side", if you’re still in the planning & idea stage...this isn’t a great fit for you right now.

This isn't some pitch for a "get rich quick" scheme like the ones you’re seeing on FB with great regularity in our industry right now ...nor is it meant to imply that success is guaranteed (you have to implement.)

Building a great business takes work…
…but you’re working right now and I’m guessing you’re not getting the results you want.
I’d like to help you change that.
To Have A Business That Gives You
The Income, Impact & Lifestyle You Want…
…You Need A Set Of Systems To Get There.
Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise Is Delusional.
Just like you have a systematic approach to training clients, you need systems that allow you to…
  • Attract The Prospects You Want To Serve.
  • ​Convert Them Into Paying Clients.
  • ​Operate In A Way That Allows You To Profitably Play Your Best Role In The Business.
  • ​Scale To Your Desired Level.
Because If You Don’t Install These Systems, You’ll Get Burned Out And Settle For Owning A Business That Falls Far Short Of What You Want.
And here's the thing:

The overwhelming majority of your competition likely has systems provided by their franchise, so if you don’t, you’re competing from a deficit.

If this sounds at all like you, the answer is simple…
Ideal Business Accelerator is a coaching program that gives you the systems, tools frameworks and coaching you need to build a $20,000 / month business.

All of the coaching is done by me and my team of established business owners who have all generated millions of dollars in their own businesses.

You're not getting theory.

You're getting the same caliber of coaching & support that I’ve used to create (and sell) two Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Franchise Organizations, coach thousands of business owners (including most of the reputable business coaches in the industry) and served as a consultant to organizations like Perform Better, Precision Nutrition & Louisville Slugger.

Everything is delivered in a way that is easy to implement in your business, with frameworks, templates & tools for every process, system & tactic we teach.

Plus, we provide more actual coaching than anyone in the industry, with over 50 live Zoom Coaching Sessions Each Month as well as a Facebook Group manned by the best coaching team in the industry. 

So you're getting 20 years of my industry experience & expertise as well as 75+ years of my team’s "transferred" from our brains to yours.

We'll focus on three core areas:
At the beginning of this page I told you that the first step of creating your Ideal Business was to generate more revenue.

Whether it’s more personal income, hiring more staff or investing in your ability to scale…the first domino to moving toward the business you want is to create more revenue.

This is where we find quick revenue growth opportunities and act on them.

You’ll be able to deploy proven processes to…
  • Get current clients investing more.
  • ​Find hidden revenue sources that already exist in your business.
  • ​Create a quick surge of cashflow based on the assets you already have.
As an Ideal Business Accelerator client, you're getting my own personal arsenal of Cash Surge resources ...all ready to deploy fast.
If you want to build a truly great business, you need a consistent, systematic approach to connecting with the right prospects and converting them into clients.

Basically, your Marketing Machine.

When you’re a member of Ideal Business Academy, we’ll help you install the right:
  • Irresistible Offer That Sets You Apart From The Competition.
  • ​Prospect Pipeline That Starts The Relationship With Prospects & Follows Up With Them In A Way That Educates & Motivates Them To Become Clients.
  • ​Conversion Process That Makes Selling Simple.
  • ​Referral Systems That Allow You To Literally Multiply Your Best Clients.
And we’ll coach you each & every week to optimize & adapt your own personalized Marketing Machine to get the best possible results.

And if you’re worried about this taking too much time or being too complicated…don’t.

You're getting the frameworks, templates, ads, sales copy & scripts and blueprints for systemizing everything so you can either just implement yourself or delegate it to a team member.

While I won’t say that marketing & selling is ‘easy’...our approach will make it feel simpler than you ever thought possible.

And I've gone through the extra effort to do that because this step is so important.

You won’t build the business you want without your own Marketing Machine and without it...it's impossible to move to...
If you want to scale, we’ll coach you every step of the way.

Whether it’s…
  • Adding new profit centers or integrating new service offerings in your local business.
  • ​Launching a 2nd Location.
  • ​Building an Online (Virtual) 2nd Location.
  • ​Hiring More Coaches or Other Team Members.
  • ​Scaling Through Other Mechanisms (Products, Certifications, Licenses, Franchising, Etc.)
I’ve done them all (and a host of others)...and when you have the right foundation in place, our team will help you Scale in the way YOU want.
First of all, you need to know that you're getting help from the best team in the industry.

Not interns. Not newbies. Not failed business owners or people who just graduated from some ‘high ticket’ course.

This team has been with me for YEARS and they’ve all built tremendously successful businesses in virtually every format of fitness business:
  • 1 on 1
  • ​Semi-Private
  • ​Small Group
  • ​Large Group
  • ​Nutrition Coaching
  • ​Sports Performance Coaching
  • ​Online Coaching
  • ​Health Club / Membership
The reason I'm pointing this out is because there are any number of ‘experts & coaches’ in the industry right now and only about 5% of them have any sort of track record.

They’re happy to ask you to pay ‘high ticket’ fees in advance of you figuring out that they have no idea what they're doing.

That's not happening in Ideal Business Accelerator.

This team can show you how they’ve done it themselves and also show you how they’ve helped thousands of business owners succeed.

So - let's talk about how you get the help you want ...when you want it.

We have two ways:

First, there's our Ideal Business Accelerator Facebook Group.

There, you’ll be able to ask questions for any specific coach…or get feedback from all of them.

You’ll also be able to access hundreds of Done-For-You Templates, Tools, Resources & Frameworks there as well as connect with the best owner peer group in the industry.

Second, we have Over 50 Live Coaching Zooms Every Month.

Need help in a specific area?

We host weekly Zooms on everything:
  • Designing Your Irresistible Offer
  • ​Mastering Your Mindset
  • ​Installing Systems
  • ​Planning & Productivity
  • ​Organic Marketing
  • ​Ads & Tech
  • ​Weekly Marketing & Sales
And Much More.

You Can Ask Questions Live or submit them in advance and watch the replay.

We also have weekly accountability check-ins and a level of support that is unmatched by any other program in the industry.

In fact ...
Basically, that means our franchises were thrilled with the level of help they were getting…

…and Ideal Business Accelerator provides more for a fraction of the cost or commitment.

And the reason is simple…
I’d rather focus on coaching than selling.
With that in mind, I want to do something unconventional:
I’d Like To Invite You To Test Drive Ideal Business
Accelerator For Six Weeks…FREE.
While I’ve told you a little about the program, the best way for me to actually show you the impact it can have on your business is to actually let you experience it.

I’d like to actually get you results before I ask you to pay anything.

If you LOVE it, I hope you’ll want to stay and work with us to grow your business to $20,000 / month. 

If you don’t LOVE it, you’ll have still gotten access to our coaching, a library of proven templates & resources and likely a significant client & cash infusion in your business…

…and you’ll never have to pay a penny.

We've built our entire model around only being paid after delivering results...so we are truly successful only if you are successful. 
How Do You Get Started?
If you want more income, greater impact and a better lifestyle from owning your business, but know that the franchise model isn’t for you, Ideal Business Accelerator might be what you’re looking for.

If you’d like to see if the IBA Test Drive is a fit for you to help change the course of your business and your financial future, fill in the form below and hit ‘Interested.’

We’ll set up a quick call to discuss your goals and your unique situation.

This is a short, no obligation call where we will learn more about you and your business, share valuable information about IBA, and answer your questions to help you see if IBA might be a good fit for you. 

If you’re interested, fill out the (very) short form below so we can connect and see if Ideal Business Accelerator can help you finally build the business that you want and deserve.
Dedicated to Your Success,

Pat Rigsby & the entire IBA team

P.S. - If you choose to remain in Ideal Business Academy after the Free 6 Week Test Drive, the fee is not only lower than virtually all the other programs in the industry, but you’ll have likely more than paid for the entire program during your initial cash infusion.
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