FREE Book! The Hybrid Gym Handbook
FREE Book! The Hybrid Gym Handbook
FREE Book! The Hybrid Gym Handbook
An Urgently Needed Playbook For Fitness Professionals Striving To Grow A Successful Business In The “New Normal”…
An Urgently Needed Playbook For Fitness Professionals Striving To Grow A Successful Business In The “New Normal”…
“Pat Rigsby is one of the great minds of the Fitness industry! His words and insights are pure Gold!!” - Kelsey Dunbar
*The Hybrid Gym Handbook will retail for $19.95 after this initial offer
What is The Hybrid Gym Handbook?
It’s a proven plan for success for an industry undergoing rapid change.

It’s a thoughtful approach to the mindset required to adapt and succeed.

It sheds light on your client’s new expectations and how you can provide the ideal solution.

It’s a step-by-step model helping you seamlessly blend virtual and face-to-face programming while building unwavering relationships with clients and maximizing value.

It shows you not only how to survive in the new economy, but how to build your brand and flourish.

It is NOT just about cobbling together virtual workouts and hoping for the best.

It is NOT about implementing “old school” advertising and marketing tactics that simply won’t work in today’s reality.

It is NOT about clinging to your former business model and waiting for things to “return to normal”.  They won’t…
The Hybrid Gym Handbook is your SECRET WEAPON for building (or rebuilding) a great training business in the new economy.
Some fitness businesses will survive the current crises, but many others will not.
Only those business owners who understand the new rules and how to apply them will still be standing in 6 to 12 months from now.
Inside you will find the actual playbook I’ve created to help business owners just like you stop, pivot, and change the RIGHT way.
Completely reinventing your business on short notice is NOT easy…
Especially when the only thing certain right now is uncertainty!
In a time presenting more questions than answers, it’s never been more important to act with a rational plan…
This is that plan.
Hurry, This Information Has NEVER Been More Timely!
Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About Pat Rigsby!
"I'm a big fan of Pat Rigsby not only because he's extremely bright and a great guy, but also because he's a versatile, open-minded innovator. 

In other words, he doesn't just assume one strategy is the right fix for everyone's problems, but recognizes that each fitness business needs a unique marketing blend that takes into account everything from staff/client culture, to training model, to geographic location, to target demographic.  

I don't just learn something each time I speak with Pat; he actually makes me think about the things I already know in a newer and more productive ways."
Eric Cressey
Cressey Sports Performance
"I joined Pat Rigsby's mastermind when I was training out of my own 1,000 square foot garage. In the next year and a half I took my business from around $70k+ to over $250k+. Being surrounded by other fit pro's that were ruthlessly committed to expanding and excellence; and a coach that created guidance in what we wanted - was the catalyst for the big change in my business.  Today, we're closing in on the $3/4 million mark with a 4600 square foot facility in Seattle, punching over $500k in Slovenia (a place everyone said this couldn't be done) along with creating our fitness business coaching business which in in the very high 6 figures a year.  Being in Pat's mastermind was the foundation of it all.   Pat Rigby is an O.G. in the fitness business game. Been there, done that and STILL doing it!"   
Luka Hocevar
Vigor Functional Training Centre
“Pat Rigsby has been a key component of my business growth over the past 10 years.As someone who got into the world of training to train people, business was not my forte. And while I’m definitely not a business expert, I feel I’m on the right path because of Pat’s expertise and guidance.   
It’s taken some hard work and dedication on my part, but Pat has been there with my every step of the way to help me create my ideal business.

If you feel like you need structure, guidance, or just a friendly kick in the pants, give Pat a shot - you’ll be glad you did.”
Mike Robertson
Co-Owner, IFAST
One of America’s Top 10 Gyms - Men’s Health
EVERYTHING that Pat Rigsby does is “Best In Class,” and can be trusted to provide exactly what you need to consistently move your business forward. The Hybrid Gym Handbook is no different. He took a concept that so many struggle with, and made it practically child-proof. I’ve already been implementing the hybrid model at my fitness business for awhile now, but Pat’s strategies and insights opened my eyes to things I should be doing to dial it in even tighter. As always... Thanks!
Rick Streb
Fit Physique Custom Fitness
“If you’re looking to build a business that is rewarding in every way, Pat is the man that can help you.

He’ll give you a proven formula for personal and professional success.”
Lewis Howes
New York Times Best-selling
Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Insights That You'll Be Given For FREE…
  • How you can embrace the role of being a producer instead of a passive victim of the times.
  • How you can become the “complete solution” instead of a one-trick pony with nothing more than online workouts.
  • What “Best in Class” looks like in today’s market.
  • The ingredients needed to add real value to your client’s lives.
  • How to scale beyond your local market.
  • The right way to build your brand the “hybrid way”.
  • What your referral program should look like now.
  • The mindset necessary for building a successful hybrid business…
  • Insights on how to move forward in the New Economy in the years to come.

Here’s what some of your fellow entrepreneurs had to say about the Hybrid Gym Handbook...
The Hybrid is such an amazing, informational book, a "tutorial" , just like the course I have taken. Easy to follow and understand. Practical and effective tips and insights that you can implement.  It is a fantastic book that I'd highly recommend to anyone in the fitness industry.
- Emöke Szatzker
Price is what you pay and value is what you get. I have always received exceedingly more in value, more than the monetary price i have ever paid Mr. Rigsby or for any of his training and coaching programs. The  hybrid book is exactly what i needed after being  abruptly forced to shut down three brick and mortar facilities with the ruthlessness of COVID 19. I passionately and confidently recommend him and his services for anybody out there that wants to take their business to another new level – the new post COVID 19 world
- Steve Mululu
I found the Hybrid Gym Handbook to be well orchestrated and very insightful. A good amount of it I was able to plug right in and put it to use.
- Daryll Joseph
Like many training studios, we pivoted quickly and went 100% virtual with our training when the pandemic hit. Now that we are re-opening our facility, many members want to continue virtual training or do a combination of online/in-studio and I see big opportunities to further our reach with this offering. Pat Rigsby’s Hybrid Gym Handbook helped me to ensure I had all the bases covered before rolling out this new model!
- Shelley Turk, ProActive Fitness
I just finished reading The Hybrid Gym Handbook “cover to cover” and it was like you were writing directly to me. I’ve done some online training in the past but the time commitment was just too much for one client so I concentrated my efforts on brick-and-mortar folks. In my mind it was either/or. I never considered blending the two for one client. It's genius in its simplicity. 

The two points that really stuck out to me were:

“…including an online presence can add more clients without taking up any real estate - or clogging up peak training hours used for those you’re training in person.” And, “This new approach allows you to work and manage your online clients during non-peak hours, freeing up more time for you.”

Time has always been my biggest issue. Before the shutdown, I was working 10-13 hours a day with those annoying mid-day dead times - a schedule I have kept for 25 years. Now, with more time on my hands, I am going all-in on this business concept with the hope of getting my life back.

Thank you!
- Steve Bubel
  Oh, and in case you're wondering...
There Is No Catch!
There is never a time for “bait and switch” offers that zing your credit card after you opt-in for something…this has never been more true.
This Isn't One Of Them.
There's NO hidden "continuity program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...
1. It’s my way of starting a relationship with you on the right foot and at the right time.

2. Because (unlike other "guru's") I don't hold back my best advice until you pay me some ‘high ticket’ fee. My reward is helping you keep your doors open during and after this crisis.

3. I feel confident that if I help the business owners in our industry pivot and prosper, we all win.

4. I prefer to be different. I prefer to give you things that help your business in this current environment so you can be the case study for what I have to share as we all move forward together.
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to helping you grow your business!
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm giving you a 192 page book, "The Hybrid Gym Handbook" (that will retail for $19.95 after this initial offer) for FREE. Yes, this book is free, and you get instant access now.

There's not catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

So, Click the button below to get your FREE copy now. You won't regret it.
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