Scot Prohaska – Show Notes

Scot Prohaska is distinguished as a nationally recognized sports and executive performance consultant.  Scot specializes in elevating performance and developing the careers of elite athletes.  His blend of world-class knowledge, research, in conjunction with creative application of an artist ensures there are no “cookie-cutter” programs or diagnostic work for his clients.

Scot carefully evaluates each client and develops a specific program to address individual needs and opportunities, which includes nutrition and lifestyle. He is at the forefront of the newest techniques and discipline, allowing all his clients to maximize their fullest potentials by giving them the tools necessary to compete at the top levels of their field. 

This has made him an invaluable asset to US Olympic athletes, professional athletes, student athletes, and executives.

Over the past 15 years, Scot has traveled across the globe studying with leading experts in exercise physiology, kinesiology, physical therapy, biomechanics, strength, conditioning and nutrition, and mental and emotional focus and strength.  He’s been published in many wellness publications and is an accomplished author in the field of performance and exercise.

Because of his expertise at bringing out the best in people physically, mentally and spiritually, players in the NHL, NFL, CFL and MLB consider Scot a trusted friend and part of their inner circle.  Someone they are extremely comfortable referring to their fellow players and associates.

Scot has also improved the performance USA and Canadian Track & Field athletes.  Plus he’s worked with members of USA Bobsled & Skeleton teams and with athletes who from Division I sports programs. 

Scot started his fitness career as an athlete in high School and college. He was a member of his local YMCA when he met and was mentored by a trainer that was involved in professional sports. After his college career, Scot went into real estate finance but soon after found himself training other professional athletes full-time and traveling the world.


“I got to know the best-of-the-best in what people were doing as far as sports science and training of elite athletes.”


He has spent a lot of time researching and studying and analyzing what makes a human perform at their best and he found some common traits of these power athletes.


“These six areas kept coming up that they were really focusing on and really improving on; I call it my “six lanes of sports mastery.”


The strategy behind working on these six lanes is working on that particular athletes weaknesses in the early off-season and then while getting closer to completion the target is improving on the athlete’s strengths.


“That’s what gets them where they are, that’s what made them what they are and it boosts confidence like crazy.”


Scot’s business has always been 100% referral-based, with athletes returning year- after-year.

His advice for other trainers or fitness professionals looking to enhance their business through non-traditional ways is to be more than just your athlete’s trainer.


“Find ways to educate yourself that help people with focus, with emotional control, with nutrition, with all these different areas. I actually see that as the future of our industry.”


He uses a strategy when coaching his athletes, called “Bright Lines.” Most elite athletes have high standards, but not all are living these standards, and he wakes them up to what is important to them and what standards cannot be compromised to be successful.



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