Levi Memmer – Show Notes

Based in Crowley, Texas, Levi Memmer is the owner of Intensity Training Systems (I.T.S.) and a high-level strength and conditioning coach.

After being introduced to strength training, Levi says that he “fell in love with the weight room and what it did for him.

He loved training athletes, but he wasn’t happy in the college strength coach niche so decided to start his own business. In this new venture he started training adults, and he unexpectedly really liked doing so.

He learned by that training adults, he was able to have more control over the impact he had on people, which wasn’t there at the college level.

“It’s like a high to be able to help these people change their lives.”

Levi started out his business part-time, discovering the sports performance training was filled with seasons and schedules and it was hard to maintain consistency with his athletes. For this reason, he shifted his business to train adults only.

Levi talks about how he grew his business to 380 clients and how that came from a strong referral basis and great client experience.

“It absolutely starts with the culture of your gym and the overall moral of your client base, there is no question.”

Because Levi has such a strong culture at his gym his turnover is very low.

“It’s like a family here and we have been really, really blessed to have good coaches and very very low staff turnover.”


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Written by patrigsby
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